Fine Art: The Art Of Fortnite

It sometimes feels as though Fortnite has come out of nowhere to become the biggest game on the planet, but of course it had to come from somewhere. Such as the imaginations of these artists, who helped bring Epic's shooter to life.

Below you'll find a selection of art involved in the production of Fortnite - not just its world-conquering Battle Royale mode, but the actual PvE zombies game it originally shipped as as well.

Links to each artist's portfolio can be found in their titles below.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.

Ben Shafer

Drew Hill

Nathan Bachelder

Vitaliy Naymushin

Tangi Bodio

Airborn Studios

Elijah McNeal

James Kincaid

Josh Marlow

Chris Wells

Mark Behm

And here's a video from earlier on in the game's life, showcasing how Fortnite once had a much darker, less comical art style:


    I really like the art style and i want to find a good new Co-op game to play with my wife, but neither of us want to deal with paying for microtransaction bullshit forever.
    Does anyone know if the campaign content is fully featured? Is there plenty of content? Is it going to keep making us miss out on the resources we need for the next thing by just a little so it can try to get us to pay for stuff?

    I really wish I could just buy the goddamn game.

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