Fortnite Players Celebrate Success In The NRL

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The NRL season kicked off this weekend and it looks like a couple of players spent their off-season enjoying Fortnite. Three players from three different clubs all celebrated tries this weekend by taking a knee and pretending to wrap bandages around their wrists - an animation Fortnite players will immediately recognise.

It started with Josh Dugan on Friday when his Cronulla Sharks faced off with the North Queensland Cowboys. After scoring his first try at his new team, Dugan dropped his knee and wrapped his wrists, mimicking the bandage animation from Fortnite's Battle Royale mode.

Then on Saturday, Blake Ferguson from the Sydney Roosters and Isaiah Papali'i from the New Zealand Warriors followed suit by celebrating their tries with the same pose.

We've reached out to the players' clubs to see if Dugan, Ferguson and Papali'i have been squadding up in Fortnite over the off-season but we haven't heard back yet. It definitely has the feel of a coordinated effort from the boys. The NRL even posted a video on Facebook showing Papali'i practicing the pose with a teammate.

Whether they're playing the game together or not, it seems a safe bet that a number of NRL players have got stuck into Fortnite. After all they're humans with pulses and Fortnite is pretty darned popular with that demographic..

Here's hoping there's some cross-code play going on here and we see some AFL players follow suit. I'd love to see some of the Brisbane Lions pull this off, if only because it means they're actually kicking goals.

Editor's Note: The article originally identified the NZ Warriors player as Bunty Afoa. Thanks to WithTheDawn in the comments for the correction.


    Warriors one was Isaiah Papali'i, not Bunty Afoa (the commentators got it wrong). Similar hairstyles and all.

    I was wondering what they were doing. It confirmed that I'm probably the only person that doesn't play Fortnite.

      Nah, I don't play either. Most of my mates do, I'll stick with PUGB for a battle royale shooter when I feel like playing one. Fortnite just felt too cartoony and stupid. Plus, I fucking loathe 3rd person

        Is PUGB kind of like PUBG, but you're actually a bunch of sentient pugs running around murdering each other?

        If so, I would play the shit out of that game.

    I also saw this happen in the Crusader vs Stormers game when Richie Mo'unga scored a try. Are there really this many rugby players playing fortnite?

    Dugan probably injured himself during that celebration

    Sam Kasiano is always playing Fortnite BR, constantly putting pictures up on Insta of his Victory Royales.

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