Free 'Parody Platformer' MiniDOOM 2 Is A Side-Scrolling Take On id's Classic Shooter

If the name "MiniDOOM" sounds familiar, well, that's because it is! 2016 saw the release of the original MiniDOOM from Calavera Studio. Two years later, it's back with a sequel, though according to the developer, it's more of a "bigger, louder and more badass" remake.

"Bigger" is certainly the right word: while MiniDOOM is a svelte 10MB download, MiniDOOM 2 weighs in at 85MB.

So, what does the eight-fold increase in megabytes get you? Let's take a look:

  • 17 new levels and 2 new bosses for hours of fun (and frustration).
  • 14 weapons spanning all Doom games and additional secret weapons.
  • 40+ minutes of face-melting metal and spine-shivering ambient music, plus renditions of the classic “At Doom’s Gate” theme.
  • Secrets, upgrades and mysterious artifacts to discover and unlock.
  • Smooth and responsive controls that will make your skills the most important weapon to defeat the legions of hell.
  • Colorful, funny and bloody artwork inspired on 80s and 90s games.
  • 5 levels of difficulty and 4 game modes to fit every gamer, from the inexperienced rookie to the demon slaying hardcore gamer that has walked the planes for a million years.

Like the first iteration, MiniDOOM 2 is completely free, which means you have nothing to lose by giving it a crack. Well, except your sanity.

Image: Calavera Studio
Image: Calavera Studio
Image: Calavera Studio
Image: Calavera Studio

MiniDOOM 2 [Calavera Studio, via Indie Retro News]


    free download off devs site but not available in Google playstore.

    But the original Doom games had no jumping but this does wow this game is so bad will not play etc etc

      On that topic, I've always wondered how people can hate iron sights but when Brutal Doom adds iron sights it's some kind of key feature.

      How do people think?

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