Game Developer Accidentally Caught Up In Cricket Tampering Scandal

Game Developer Accidentally Caught Up In Cricket Tampering Scandal
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James Sutherland is a game developer from the United Kingdom, having worked on Actua Soccer, Sega Superstars Tennis and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

Unfortunately, he also has the same name as another fellow who’s rather prominent right now.

The other James Sutherland happens to be the chief executive of Cricket Australia (CA), which is currently in the position known as “shit creek” thanks to the cheating scandal that has embroiled the recent test series against South Africa.

For those not following, the Australian captain and vice captain basically encouraged one of their most junior members to illegally rough up the ball to gain an advantage. It’s not on the same level as peptides or swapping out blood bags mid-race, but cricket has a bit of a thing about honesty and integrity.

So fans have been up in arms, calling for the sacking of the captain, vice captain, and any other player involved. Along with that, they’ve been freely throwing their opinions at the players and administrators, James Sutherland included.

Small problem: as is often the case whenever the pitchforks come out on Twitter, people have been hitting up the wrong James Sutherland.

Have a guess how well that warning has worked out for the poor developer.

The UK developer isn’t the only one to be accidentally caught up in the drama. Steve Smith is an Aussie writer for ESPN who has it a little rougher, sharing the same name as the Australian captain responsible for all of this mess.

His Twitter handle has some obvious differences – @stevesmithffx compared to the Aussie captain’s account, @stevesmith49 – while the game maker has the unfortunate luck to just have @jamessutherland as his handle. But that hasn’t stopped fans from giving the wrong Smith an absolute hiding:

After a little while, Sutherland – the developer, not the administrator – realised that maybe he should take advantage of the free advertising. But while he didn’t have a game of his own to promote, he did at least point towards his partner’s work:

The scandal still has a little while to play out, so Sutherland’s mentions will be on fire for a little while yet.


  • One would like to think if you are self-righteous enough to damn other people for their actions on social media, you personally, would be smart enough to actually check the identity of the person you are slagging off. I guess not.

  • Emu Commando none of us are finding this funny we are all very angry at the ball tampering scandal that has completely destroyed us with Steve Smith who has been fined and banned by the ICC from playing in the next test against South Africa. Cricket Australia coach Darren Lehmann has to leave and the Australian cricket team may as well pick up their cricket gear and be sent home because James Sutherland CEO of Cricket Australia who has arrived in South Africa has already gave the Australian cricket team a punishment and that is giving some of our players a 1 year suspension which I think is complete bullshit.

    • While I like my cricket, I’m actually more interested in seeing how James Sutherland, the game developer, copes with his new-found infamy. Great stuff!

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