Get F1 2015 For Nothing, Now

F1 2015 might not have a lot of the features of Codies F1 games past and present, but over the next 48 hours it does have the most important feature of all: it's free.

Humble Bundle are offering the game for nothing right now, which is a useful way to spend a weekend if you like concentrating for long periods and it's pissing down outside.

As mentioned before, you don't have a custom career mode but you can play through the entire F1 championship as any driver of your choice. That's the minimum you'd expect from a fully licensed game, and those don't often get given away for literally nothing.

So if you'd like to experience the joy of failing over and over again, head over to Humble Bundle. I can't promise you'll have more fun with it than Crammond's legendary Grand Prix 2, which worked well with Windows 10 the last time I tried. Doubt it's a better experience these days, though.


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