Get Giffy With Geforce

Get Giffy With Geforce

The internet has progressed – or regressed, depending on who you ask – to the point where we can communicate entirely with gifs. Nvidia highlights now has gif support so you can add your best gaming moments to your vocabulary of The Simpsons and The Good Place gifs.

Nvidia’s highlight system is nothing new. It’s been a part of the Geforce Experience for a while, allowing players to automatically capture screenshots and highlights as they play.

What’s new is the ability to turn those highlights into 5 to 15 second gifs and post them on social media without leaving the game.

All you need to do is have ShadowPlay running while you play. It’ll generate the highlights and then you pop open the overlay to use the editing tools to trim things to your liking.

Then you pop it onto Facebook or Twitter for all of your friends to see and respond appropriately.

Probably with a sarcastic clap. There are sarcastic clap gifs, right? My gif game is not on point.

There’s an impressive list of games that support this feature but it’s not exhaustive.

I’m not entirely sure what you can highlight in Ragnarok Online – I spent too many hours in high school collecting hats in that game – that would make for a good gif but you can. There’s also support for major games like Fortnite and Call of Duty which seem far more gif-able.



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