Guess I'm Not Done With My 3DS

In May, I'll be playing Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers, the third game in the underrated Dillon's Rolling Western series on my 3DS.

My Switch backlog is ridiculous. I'm busy juggling Ni No Kuni II and a review copy of Far Cry 5 on my PS4, neglecting the half-played Evil Within 2. I've got games to play on my Xbox One as well (some of them old). I figured it was at least ok to stop carrying my 3DS around.


In the last week, I've resumed throwing my 3DS into my bag when I'm on my way to work. I carry my Switch already and don't even always have time or good enough balance to play that on the often-crowded subways of New York City. I knew I'd get back to my 3DS at some point to play more Metroid: Samus Returns and maybe even finish the Bowser's Minions part of the Mario & Luigi re-issue. But I thought I was close to leaving this system behind.

Lately, however, I'm feeling the pull back. Maybe I should try Detective Pikachu, I'm thinking. Then I remember I still have only played the first major case of the latest Professor Layton.

And there's that Ace Attorney - Layton crossover I bought, downloaded and never started. And, wait, did I actually not play much of the third Box Boy, even though I loved the first two?

I like when Nintendo makes weird games, so I've been looking forward to Sushi Strikers, an original game the company announced as E3 was winding down last year, despite the show mostly being a Switch extravaganza.

I was relieved when Nintendo recently said that game would also be coming to Switch. Here I am a couple of weeks later, though, and I'm getting used to hearing that lovely crackle of my 3DS opening up again.

I'm never going to be done with this system, am I? And maybe no one is? My colleague Jason tells me there's a notable JRPG coming out for the machine tomorrow. It keeps on going.


    I bought a 2nd hand 3ds in Japan (not knowing it would be region locked)

    The only English / Japanese games available are Pokemon (which isnt such a bad thing) and the mario games you can get by without much hassle.

    Also got super smash brothers but its a bastard to get working due to saves etc.

    The 3ds has been sitting around for awhile but with the recent release of kirby and monster hunter world I am considering trying to hack it and get region free installed so i can add some more games to the collection.( i also figure there will be a mountain of cheapo games floating about one day like there is with ps2 / ps3)

    There is a chance i could brick it but its just sitting there anyway.

      It is easy enough to get a card to play Aussie games on it, or just hock it on ebay and pick up an Aussie 3DS.

        Whats the Card like a game shark? I cant see anything on Ebay.

        I think my wife had one for her original DS it was a card with a SD slot in the back and she had a bunch of bootleg games on there.

        I did see some stuff online about hacking it and there's quite a few steps, all based around getting home-brew on it but this could brick it (cant be arsed doing it at the moment)

        We are heading over to japan again in a few months (one of the reasons why i wanted to get the 3ds up and running) and i might trade the 3ds in there at a 2nd hand store and get a switch as these are region free apparently.

    Is this a recurring article series or something? I swear we've already had a "I'm still playing my 3DS" article.
    I thought I might actually get some use out of my Switch this year since I got it to start replacing my 3DS and Vita but both platforms still have a number of decent titles coming out this year so it's going to have to warm the bench a little while longer. Especially since most titles are ports of games I can get on other consoles (or PC) I own.

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