Harley Quinn Is Heading To Apokolips To Do Battle With The New Gods

Harley Quinn Is Heading To Apokolips To Do Battle With The New Gods

Whoever would have thought that Harleen Quinzel, everyone’s favourite well-adjusted psychiatrist from Gotham City, would one day find herself jetting off into space to rendezvous with the Apokoliptian New Gods who’ve caused the Justice League so much trouble over the years? DC Comics is setting Harley off on a very special road trip, and she’s on her way to meet Granny Goodness.

Speaking to The Washington Post, writer Sam Humphries announced the first details of his upcoming run on Harley Quinn with artist John Timms, a rather significant change of scenery for the villain-turned-antihero.

When Granny approaches Harley with the opportunity to join the Female Furies, Harley reasons that Apokolips is as good a place as any to start her life over — and just the forum to let loose with the chaos she’s been trying to keep under control for so long.

Though Apokolips, as we’ve most recently seen it in the pages of Mister Miracle, is a burning hellscape, Humphries explained that the planet is exactly the sort of environment where a madwoman like Harley could thrive:

“For most people to wake up on Apokolips, you would be filled with dread. Harley, she wakes up on Apokolips and she sees the fire pits, she sees the dystopian future, she sees the grinding machinery. She’s a wild card on a planet full of wild cards and there’s something for her to embrace there if she so chooses.

When she grabs this Kirby-infused hammer, it’s going to give her powers like she’s never had before. It’s going to be unlike any other hammers she’s ever had before and she’s a hammer enthusiast, We’re going to see Harley use that hammer to kick a lot of [butt], but we’re also going to see her wrestle over what it means to take on that kind of power.”

Harley sporting her new outfit and her snazzy new hammer. (Image: John Timms, DC Comics)

Harley sporting her new outfit and her snazzy new hammer.Image: John Timms (DC Comics)

Harley’s a survivor, so it’s not exactly surprising that she takes to Apokolips like a fish takes to water. What’ll be interesting to see when Humphries and Timm’s run on Harley starts in July is whether her newfound powers and renewed bloodlust are here to stay.

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