Here's 40 Minutes Of Jurassic Park Evolution Gameplay

A chance to build your own dinosaur theme park and almost certainly watch it all go to hell? That's Jurassic Park Evolution in a nutshell, the upcoming title being hammered out by Frontier Developments of Elite: Dangerous fame. We haven't really seen much in the way of gameplay, but that changes today.

A couple of weeks ago, Yogcast's Mark Turpin had a chance to visit Frontier and give the game a whirl for 40 minutes.

That's a decent-sized whirl in anyone's books, outside of a giant, stegosaurus-flavoured McFlurry.

Image: Frontier Developments / YouTube

It the visuals weren't enough, the game's intro comes complete with Jeff Goldblum voice-over... well, a Dr Ian Malcolm voice-over. You get the idea.

A First Look At Jurassic World Evolution

Planet Coaster is great, but building your own virtual dinosaur theme park is even better. So if you're keen to see how Jurassic World Evolution is coming along, here's the first in-game footage.

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I won't spoil anything, except to say it's look very slick already. That's not really a spoiler though, is it?

Jurassic World Evolution - First Gameplay Impressions [YouTube]


    Is there a sandbox mode where you can just do anything? Or is the game designed around the 5 islands completely?

    It's amazing how the game play makes me want it.. and Jeff Goldblum makes me feel guilty for wanting that. Which is amazing considering I've seen him in shag pile carpet cowboy chaps

    This reminds me of Operation Genesis from the early 2000's. I cant wait!

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