Here's 6 Minutes Of Gameplay From Scythe-Inspired RTS Iron Harvest

One look at the mech models from the board game Scythe and it's hard not to think "I'd love a strategy video game based on these beautiful bastards". Well, this exact wish was granted late last year when developer King Art Games announced Iron Harvest. Now, not only do we have a couple of new screenshots, but a healthy chunk of gameplay in video form.

I have to say, the mechs in the video look and sound satisfying. Case in point: check out the 0:45-mark when the tubby mech locks itself down and sprays an unfortunate platoon with lead. Poor fellas, they never stood a chance.

A World War 1 RTS In The Same Universe As Scythe

If you haven't played it already, Scythe is an extremely good board game that blends strategy with massive mechs and the 1920's. And now there's a game set in the same universe.

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For those keen for more, you won't have to wait long. King Art will launch a Kickstarter campaign on March 13, which I'm sure will be packed with goodness. And funding tiers, as crowdfunding things are wont to have.

Image: King Art Games
Image: King Art Games

Iron Harvest [PS4/XOne/PC] Gameplay Trailer [YouTube, via Worthplaying]


    gameplay is definite Company Of Heros inspired. And CoH with mechs is a pretty cool idea.

    so COH set after WW1 with mechs

    sure I can get behind that

    You have my attention...

    God I need a proper RTS

      Same. I was left with an RTS shaped hole in my heart when I found out Dawn of War 3 was a disappointment :(

    Love the idea but apart from the mechs everything looks fairly generic. The environments look really bland. Hopefully they get better as it progresses.

    Never played the board game but I really wanted to get it. Been following the computer game for a while though, interesting, very interesting. Reminds me of Company of heroes and DOW...obviously. Just hope this works out!

    DoW 2 but everyone is imperial guard with Sentinels. Count me in.

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