Into The Breach, As Told By Steam Reviews

Into The Breach, As Told By Steam Reviews

If the idea of Advance Wars crossed with FTL and Pacific Rim sounds intriguing, then you’ve got a pretty good handle on the reception Into The Breach has gotten.

The latest title from Subset Games, makers of FTL, has enjoyed a relatively stellar reception from public and press alike. We’ve waxed lyrical about it ourselves, and the turn-based strategy game is sitting at a 94% user rating from just over 1300 user reviews.

Into The Breach: The Kotaku Review

Into the Breach is a game about the accumulation of small decisions, good or bad. It's a game that never lets you forget your past runs, especially your failures.

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Positive reviews have praised the mechanics, the amount of information given to players about enemy movements, the layers of strategy involved, the soundtrack, and the cleanliness of the UI and pixel art. Some reviews also welcomed the game’s low minimum requirements, making it playable on a wide range of non-gaming laptops.

Critics pointed to a lack of replayability once you’ve beaten the game, a lack of depth in customisations and enemy variety. Users also took umbrage with how the player can tackle the final mission after completing two islands, rather than having to complete all the islands first.

Here’s what people are saying about Into The Breach:


  • Sadly I’m with the negative reviews. The game is fun enough, it just really doesn’t have enough replayability once you beat it. I also beat the game on the first attempt (on normal), some stumbles included but in general I achieved all then goals of each mission and found it fairly easy provided I thought about the best actions to make each turn.

    Fired up a second team after and quit pretty quickly because it was boring…same thing with a different twist that doesn’t really do enough to distinguish it from my first team.

    So I get all of 1-2hrs playtime for into the breach vs 100s for FTL.

  • I loved this game for its small size it has a very solid design and application. Its a tactic turned based puzzle where the enemy is not the alien bugs, but outlasting the timer with no losses.

    Is it FTL… hell No. But is it fair to compare it to that cause its the same developer?

    FTL is a long campaign full of random elements at each step where you hope to not get screwed before facing an overpowered boss after all people are sadists for tough games done right even if its all RNG…its why ITB end game feels like it mIssed the point.

    ITB is a small tactics puzzle with three small pieces. It has some randomness but it has to be linear to allow the mechanics to work at its best. ITB is a master class in designing small games and I love it for what it is, not what it us not (its not FTL).

    an Endless mode would be good.

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