Introducing Kotaku XP, Our Weekly Video News Show

Hello! We are going to be doing a weekly news video show from now on. This is the first episode.

The name is Kotaku XP. What does that mean? I can't just tell you. It means whatever you want it to mean.

Every week, we'll pick 10 Kotaku posts. Gita Jackson or myself will talk about each of these stories for no longer than 30 seconds. Maybe you'll hear me make a joke! (If you don't laugh, it wasn't a joke.)

Here are the posts covered in this, the very first episode.

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    Hopefully the whole thing isn't Nintendo circle-jerk like the rest of the site.

    I'm totally okay with Kotaku AUS not showing these future episodes/articles. Sometimes we don't always get same articles as the American site so it's likely we won't get some of what they're talking about... Also Tim Rogers commentary on anything is worse than dragging myself over a bed of razors. sorry dude.

      He also looks a little like... (hope I'm not the only one who sees it) Brian Cox's retarded American brother

    Yeah, I'm not usually one to pick on anybody, live and let live and all that, but man. Tim Rodgers is insufferable. Even more so now that I can put a face to a voice. Ugh.

    So.... this is some top-level cringe... Not sure if that's good or bad though...

    Great to see Tim Rogers continuing to be awesome on the internet after all these years.

    Is news on news you’ve already posted really news?

    Maybe change XP to re-News.

    God no.

    Also, is it my imagination or does every Kotaku "thing" have an awful name?
    Kotaku Splitscreen. Kotaku XP. Kotaku Static. (I think that one is an Aus one, but that doesn't make it good (this time)!). Fave This.

    Can't they have normal names instead of trying too hard to tie it into gaming culture? Except Fave This, which sounds more like an internet culture thing, but it[s still bad. Why not "Kotaku Podcast" or "Kotaku News Recap" or something.

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