It Takes Hard Work To Build A Beautiful Castle

A solid Cities: Skylines build is always an amazing sight, and this timelapse of a Mediterranean-style castle is a chill viewing experience.

Despite being a huge fan of Cities: Skylines, I have to be honest: I am not the most artful player of the game. My roads always look a little clunky, and I a terrible job of building things into the landscape and making them look "natural."

Luckily there are people out there like YouTube user funchenstein. In this video, funchenstein creates a beautiful structure called Castillo Monterta. This kind of video fills me with awe, if only because I don't even understand how to get close to making something like this in the game. While I am assuming that there are a few mods in play in funchenstein's build, it isn't the objects or the features that impress me so much. Instead, I am shocked by the design and the style, and that's all generated from the player's mind.


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