Japanese Pop Star Says She's Already Played Monster Hunter: World For 400 To 500 Hours 

Screenshot: Oricon

Maki Goto, a former member of J-pop group Morning Musume, is a Monster Hunter super fan. She even appeared in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd commercials back in 2011. She loves hunting monsters.

In 2013, Goto claimed on TV that she would play for up to thirty hours straight and that her total Monster Hunter playtime was over 7,000 hours.

At a recent Monster Hunter: World event, she was asked what her total playtime for all the games was. "If you put it all together, it's pretty messed up."

Off camera, another person kept saying, "Five to six thousand [hours]." To which she replied, "I think it seems like I've already done five to six thousand [hours]."

On the screen, the words "Actually, it's over 7,000 hours" (see top image) flashed on the screen. Though, if that initial 7,000-hour figure was correct, wouldn't she be at 10,000 hours plus? Probably!

When asked how long she's played Monster Hunter: World. She replied, "Well, hundreds [of hours]. Four hundred to five hundred hours." At most that would be, what, nearly twenty-one days worth of nothing but Monster Hunter: World? For a game that came out in late January, that's a lot.


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