Japan's Newest Meme Is 'Self-Defence Geezer'

Last week, a Japanese morning show interviewed a man on the street about the country's national pension. His brief response has turned him into an internet superstar.

Screenshot: Square Enix (FFXVJP)

The guy's name was not given, and the show only listed him as a "35-year-old man". He's now known as "Jiko Bouei Ojisan" (自己防衛おじさん) or "Self-Defence Geezer".

In the interview (below), the guy talked about how you shouldn't count on the national pension if you want a lot of money. Instead, to protect yourself, look to stocks or leave the country. "It's no good to rely on the government," he said. "Doing so is why people complain."

His facial gestures were highly expressive, and people online started comparing him to an actor you'd see in a Japanese superhero show such as Kamen Rider.

Others said he looked like Final Fantasy 15's Ardyn Izunia.

Explaining why Square Enix released these images today, with Ardyn saying not to rely on the Kingdom of Lucis.

Self-Defence Geezer fan art has also been circulating on Twitter.

You might not want to rely on the Japanese government for a safety net, but you can always look to the internet for memes.


    Japan please never change

    Fuck me, 35yrs old = geezer?

    That's it. Burn it. Burn it all to the ground.

    Is this Japan's version of Carl The Cuck, and AIDS Skrillex?

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