JB Hi-Fi 1, Metal Gear Survive 0

JB Hi-Fi 1, Metal Gear Survive 0

Surely, Konami saw this coming.

When you charge extra for save slots, you have to expect some kind of backlash. Enter stage right, JB Hi-Fi.

Often, the best burns are the shortest ones.


  • I’d be surprised if Konami saw it coming. Konami has proven to be astonishingly inept at figuring out the most basic stuff about how to do video games. #FucKonami

    • I’m not a konami fan, to be honest I don’t really get into the politics of the game industry, but they have been making games since ’78 and have a miriad of classics under their belt. I would hardly call that inept.

  • I keep imagining a dishevelled Konami CEO drunk dialling Kojima and leaving constant messages that alternate from sobbing and begging to abusive and aggressive.

    BEEEP “Im so sorry Hiddy, I was wrong girl, I screwed up, I love you so much!!”
    BEEEP “You gonna ignore me huh? You too good now you got that crappy studio?! I’m glad we got rid of you, Go to hell!!”
    BEEEP “I’m sorry!! *sob* you don’t deserve this, you know I just get so angry *sob* the gambling has me all turned around inside”

  • Such quick wit JB. If only your staff were half as quick to actually help when someone is looking for something instead of discussing who they see when they want a new face piercing.

  • The hell? The game makes you pay extra for save slots? This is the first I’ve heard about this.

      • Yes. $10.
        It’s a pretty standard free to play game with it’s tactics.. that they happen to charge you $40 USD for first haha

    • It’s basically just something for the haters to jump on. There is less reason to have a second save in MG:S than there is in say… Pokémon, which doesn’t even give you the option to pay for one.

      If you’re playing on a shared PC there might possibly be a reason to want one, but on console the issue is completely bypassed by player profiles. It’s an utterly beat-up non-issue.

  • Sick Burn.

    Also, can we please keep shit in perspective a bit. Or are we forgetting that Bliz charges 11 bucks for a name change? Games have been doing this for AGES, the only thing is that it’s been kept to MMOs. MSG:S is not an MMO, but to say it’s not an industry practice is a bit naive.

    • Thats a false equivalence. They charge you to name change on an existing character. You can still create a brand new one with a different name. And actual comparison would be if blizzard decided that creating new characters would now cost $10.

      MGS limits you to only one character unless you fork out money. Its is not comparable to a name change on WoW at all.

      • It does not matter if it applies to an existing ‘save’ or not, the fact is changing your name is more expensive than a whole save slot. And WoW is not the only game to do it. SWOTOR makes you

        • Purchasing extra char slots is an exceedingly common practice in this ‘games as a service’ era .. of course starting plays off with only one slot is quite stingy.

  • I am mildly amused and a little bit disgusted that having an utterly unnecessary feature and charging for it is apparently a worse crime than not giving players access to the feature at all.

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