JB Hi-Fi Weighs In On Fortnite Vs PUBG

JB Hi-Fi Weighs In On Fortnite Vs PUBG
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Yesterday, Ninja and Drake’s Fortnite stream broke all sorts of records and with the battle of the Battle Royales being hotly contested, it was only a matter of time until JB Hi-Fi weighed in (courtesy of Post Malone).

Right now it looks like


  • I love an old-school “king of the genre” battle! Even if this one seems a little unnecessary.

    The advent of the massive multiplatform has made them a bit of a rarity these days. That or I’m not at high-school where I spend all day arguing about these things anymore.

    I’ve only played a limited amount of each, but I found PUBG far more engaging.
    I also prefer Dark Reign over Total Annihilation, Quake over any FPS you care to mention, and I won’t entertain the idea that Coolboarders isn’t a steaming pile of shit next to 1080 Snowboarding….. since those are also important issues.

  • I also prefer Dark Reign over Total Annihilation…

    Ah. So you’re not just wrong now, but you have a long history of being wrong. 😉

    (@foggy that is.)

    • In retrospect, I’ll cop that. I would have argued till I was blue in the face when I was 13 though.

      Both fantastic games and DR had some great features, but TA was brilliant.

      • I still have the TA CD just to use it as a soundtrack.

        Dark Reign had the advantage of being Aussie-made (I know a guy who worked there!) and having like… stealth units, more interesting story, etc, but man. TA’s MASSIVE maps and big bertha volleys… truly epic.

        • I did a game test at Auran’s Brisbane head quarters way back (they did an open call for play testers). The people were pretty cool and the place looked like it’d be a fun place to work. Wound up testing a sword and sorcery type game, which wasn’t something I was into at the time. Kinda expected it to be Dark Reign 2 or maybe 3 I can’t remember whether the sequel had been released at that time) so I’m not sure my feedback was at all useful.

          Can’t remember the name of the game, or whether it even wound up being published.

        • If only TA and DR could have had a love child: Dark Annihilation

          It’s the RTS gamers deserve but not the RTS gamers received.

  • Can we ease off the PUBG and (especially lately) Fortnite posts lately? I get that they’re popular and gets those clicks ($$$), but I feel your site and the facebook feed have an over abundance of articles about even the most unnecessary details that I’m sure the fans of those games are already aware of . There have been several recent released games that I’ve been interested in hearing your opinions about, except because none of them involve your Drakes or Post Malones…. I’ll have to dig through a steaming pile of Steam reviews.

    • It goes through phases – pop culture is like that.

      Remember the Switch/BotW Saturation Era. It went from well before to launch until… ah shit…. now.

      • I’m getting pretty annoyed by half the content being streaming/esports-related, though. That trend only seems to be getting worse over years, building momentum instead of passing.

        It basically means I have to mentally filter out half the content on the site. And there’s no refuge from it – everything ‘gaming’ is doing it.

          • Yeah. I really dislike it, unfortunately. See, I’ve never followed ANY sports, e- or otherwise, and there’s frankly not much difference between e-sport and any other sport.

            AFL, soccer, rugby, esports, gridiron, cricket, whatever, it’s all basically the same type of news coverage. ie:

            Which teams are in which league, who beat who, which superstar players are being traded/mistreated/underperforming/surprising, drama around coaching/pay/behavioural scandals, who pulled off a surprising play, which underdog did well, which team is dominating and is it a surprise or is it making the competition boring, which technical rule/change is providing for unsatisfying matches, advertising/funding woes, salary caps, betting rules, new leagues vs old leagues competing with each other, which codes have higher audience numbers, tourney distribution/viewing, where it’s being hosted, prize money, player stats, fantasy leagues, etc, etc, etc, etc.

            I’ve never been interested in following those details of any other spectator sport, and just being ‘e’ sport hasn’t made me any more inclined to follow the newcomer.

            I do understand that some people have been hungry for that kind of spectactor/following in a sport that they can relate better to than something phsyical. And more power to them, finally finding their sport that they can get involved in, do the whole match speculation thing, follow the players/teams/leagues/codes/whatever. It’s just that I, personally, have zero interest and am really having to hunt for which articles to click into, like picking coriander or bay leaves out of my food.

            I’m both disappointed and annoyed by turns that the places I used to turn to for industry/release news/reviews are now taking on the same shape and form as the back quarter of the newspaper, because that’s the part of the newspaper I’ve always discarded.

  • While I’m not inclined to play either (bad eyesight, and any FPS skills I had died a decade ago), I don’t mind watching the occasional stream of either Fortnite or PUBG.

    From where I sit, it seems they’re diverging to the point its getting hard to consider them rivals. They’re both 100 player FPS battle royale, but where PUBG works on more realistic and immersive style, Fortnite has gone down a way more cartoony path. Add in the construction, and straight up ease of entry for Fortnite, and its becoming clearer that fhey aren’t trying to copy each other.

    So they’re at a point where its more CoD:WW2 vs Team Fortress than CoD vs BF. To say the realism of PUBG is better than the novelty of Fortnite is oversimplifying the effort to distinguish one from the other.

    • I’m old. My reflexes are bad. It’s hard enough concentrating on hide, run, shoot, without worrying about deconstruction/construction.

      I like playing PvE Fortnite, but PUBG is my Battle Royale of choice. So saying, I got sick of the hacks in both, so went back to flying spaceships and killing dragons.

  • I’m not sure either game is actually competing against the other now, its almost like comparing ARMA to COD, sure you have a gun and shoot people, but entirely different games.

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