Lindsay Lohan Loses Yet Again In Grand Theft Auto 5 Lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan Loses Yet Again In Grand Theft Auto 5 Lawsuit

Actress-slash-burnout Lindsay Lohan’s drawn-out suit against Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive fizzled out yesterday after a New York court rejected her appeal.

Grand Theft Auto V

Lohan brought the lawsuit four years ago, taking issue with GTA V featuring a young woman named Lacey Jonas whom, I’ll admit, does look the tiniest bit like Lohan. Jonas is a white woman with strawberry blonde hair who, in one image, wears a red bikini and flashes a peace sign — reminiscent of a photo of Lohan doing the same thing:

Lindsay Lohan Loses Yet Again In Grand Theft Auto 5 Lawsuit

“The Plaintiff has been using the peace sign hand gesture for years before and after its use in the video game,” read the original complaint.

The real sticking point was Jonas’ profession. In the game, she describes herself as a famous actress (in high school movies nonetheless) and singer. Lohan’s complaint calls the woman a “look-a-like,” and argues she did not provide consent to Take-Two to use her likeness. Take-Two, her lawyer argued, invaded her privacy under the state Civil Rights Law.

In 2016, a five-judge panel ruled that the suit had no merit. Yesterday, New York Court of Appeals rejected Lohan’s appeal, too, referring to Grand Theft Auto‘s as Jonas character a “generic. . . twenty something woman without any particular identifying physical characteristics.” Harsh.

That said, the court did find that computer-generated images, like avatars or NPCs, can be legally called “portraits.” It’s just that Jonas wasn’t a portrait of Lohan, the court decided.

Earlier this month, Lohan took on a job as the spokeswoman for


  • Looks way more like Kate Upton to me.

    Even if it WERE Lindsay Lohan inspired, it’s not like they’d want to admit it, just due to it being Lindsay…

  • This nonsense is still going?

    If anything, Lohan is the one doing the coping as I’m pretty sure she made the claim first, then (in)effectively cosplayed the fictional character to suit her case.

  • She’s probably partaken in similar activities to that mission in GTAV as well. Has been needs to move on…

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