Mario Is Officially A Plumber Again

In September, Nintendo crushed hearts across the world by declaring that Mario was no longer a plumber. This week, the publisher has remedied that horrible mistake, changing Mario's bio to note that he is, in fact, a plumber.

Previously, as translated by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, the official Japanese Mario bio had read: "All around sporty, whether it's tennis or baseball, soccer or car racing, he [Mario] does everything cool. As a matter of fact, he also seems to have worked as a plumber a long time ago."

This week, though, fans on the Nintendo subreddit noticed that the bio has changed. Now, as translated by Kotaku's Tim Rogers (brackets his), it reads:

Has a sunny disposition; is popular with everyone. He gets along super-well with his younger twin brother Luigi. They're a famous combo. Has a universal knack for sports - from tennis to baseball, from soccer to car racing, he can do it all and look cool doing it.

His occupation is plumber. However, his activities don't stop there. He loves Princess Peach. If she is ever in trouble, he will go to help her no matter what [he will drop whatever he is doing if she needs help; literally "no matter what time it is, he will go to help her"].

With his specialty jump and various power-ups, he opposes the mischief-making Koopa [Bowser].

Finally, our long international nightmare is over. Mario is a plumber again. May the Year of Luigi continue forever.


    All is right in the world again

    what the fuck?
    'Younger Twin Brother'
    Who got this wrong?
    Nintendo or the translator?

      Which bit are you questioning? If it's the younger part, there is always a younger twin. They don't just pop out simultaneously...

        And the older twin will always tell you how many minutes older they are...

          Can confirm this is true, I am a younger twin and my sister doesn't let me forget it. The difference is literally 2 minutes.

          Last edited 08/03/18 2:23 am

    Well Nintendo I'm glad you said Mario is a still plumber again. Because if Mario was no longer a plumber what else would he be an Electrician or even a Fireman. But other than that I'm glad the nightmare is over and I'm very happy that Mario is still a plumber again. You keep up the good work Nintendo 20 million Nintendo Switch units is our target and I hope you bring us CAMELOT SOFTWARE PLANNING'S Mario Tennis Aces to the Nintendo Switch soon and get that Nintendo Switch firmware updated soon. But for now keep up the good work with all that third party support from ACTIVISION,CAPCOM, BETHESDA, and UBISOFT.
    I'm really counting on you Nintendo.

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