Marking The Switch's One Year Anniversary

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The Switch turned one year old recently, and what a good year it's been.

To mark the anniversary of Nintendo's hybrid console, I hopped on the Vertical Hold podcast to chat about the success of the Switch with former Gizmodo editor Alex Kidman and SMH technology contributor Adam Turner.

After knocking off some news for the week, we had a chat about why the Switch has been such a hit, what lessons Nintendo learned from the Wii U era and what challenges the console will face going forward. You can listen to the podcast above or through iTunes.

The State Of Our Switches, One Year Later

On March 3, 2017, Nintendo released Nintendo launched the Switch, the miracle gaming system that's a console and a handheld at the same time. Let's see how ours are holding up.

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    If the Switch was a US state, it would be Portland.

      Portland is a city.

        Yeah, but if Portland was a state, that's what the Switch would be.

        I’d be embarrassed but it’s American general knowledge, so I’m happy to suck at it.
        They’re just a country there to make TV shows and music for the rest of the world, so their geography deets don’t help me unless I end up on the Chase b

    $450 for the console and the 1 decent game it has. Great year.

      Aww someone has salty tears that the Switch is a success and people like the games library. Deal with it, dude

        Or maybe he's salty that he bought a new console expecting new games to come along for it and got given a whole pile of old instead. Doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

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