Meet Good Game: Spawn Point's Newest Presenter, Gem

Image: ABC / Good Game Spawn Point

Earlier this week, the ABC announced the latest host for Good Game: Spawn Point: Gemma "Gem" Driscoll, a Newcastle bred-and-born gamer. But so everyone can get to know Gem, who comes into the role following Bajo's departure last year, the show is hosting an AmA through Facebook this afternoon.

The Facebook Live is part of Spawn Point's push to produce online content first this year, which includes more Let's Plays and livestreams. Gem, along with incumbent hosts Rad and Goose, will also be covering some non-G/PG games through Spawn Point's YouTube channel according to a post earlier this week.

Spawn Point plans to publish content daily through YouTube and the ABC ME app.


    Uh oh they drafted a woman to the role, unleash the meritocratists.

      Casual bait about a casual video game show that has always had relatively casual hosts. Why should anyone care who is hosting so long as they are interesting?

        Because jimmies have been rustled, good sir!!!

        Sorry, it doesn't bother me in the least but I'm not really helping either.

          I'm also bringing back rustled jimmies.

    This is outrageous!!!

    .....truly, truly, truly outrageous!!

      But.... Gem is her name??? Noone else is the same!

    Great to see Goose n Rad still trucking on in the show..

    Good luck to Gem on her spot. Will prolly have less bile to contend with than Hex as spawn points for a younger audience and less drama =P

    Did that show with Hex and Chris(?) ever end up happening on Channel 7?

      Screenplay? Yeah, it airs on 7mate. Plus they have a lot of online content also.

      The online content is better, but yes it did. Nich and Steph have great hosting chemistry, and the introduction of Miles to full time host has only made the show better. Quality stuff

    Didn't this show get cancelled?

      Good Game got cancelled, Good Game Spawn Point is the kid friendly version of the show that reviewed (and was catered) for a more younger audience. It still runs but the parents show Good Game was cancelled.

    As soon as I saw the photo I knew I recognised that girl. Then the Newcastle part was dropped and realised why. Good to see more Newie peeps out there (that aren’t Daniel Johns, because fuck that chick).

    Good Game: Spawn Point? They're really digging their heels into gaming vernacular aren't they, what's next, Good Game: Spawn Point: Restart: One-Up: Checkpoint: Bonus Round: Quick Attack: Loot Box?

    Last edited 02/03/18 8:26 pm

    with Bajo looking at a better career as a streamer and Hex basically using the show as a stepping stone to a bigger Network (called it!) it’s just not GG anymore. Might as well drop the GG brand completely and go with Spawn Point as it’s own brand

    Man I haven't watched any good game content since it's cancellation. I'm thoroughly enjoying ScreenPLAY though, especially the online content on youtube & twitch. Nichboy, Steph & Miles have excellent chemistry together and the fact that it's uncensored leads to many hilarious moments.

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