New Mechwarriors 5: Mercenaries Trailer Shows Off Explosions And Property Damage

New Mechwarriors 5: Mercenaries Trailer Shows Off Explosions And Property Damage
Image: Piranha Games

Good news MechWarrior nostalgics. The nearly 15 year drought between single player MechWarrior releases is going to break later this year with and there’s a new trailer.

News of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries has been floating around for a little while now. Now it’s looking more and more like a reality, with an expected release late this year.

The trailer is a three minute showcase of the game’s environments. It’s also three minutes of giant mechs shooting lasers at each other and stomping on buildings.

MechWarriors 5 will have Steam Workshop support and a co-op mode.


  • I played a lot of Mech2 and 3 (and crescent hawk’s revenge) back in the day and I gotta say, not sure if this will work.

    It looks great and the universe is awesome, but games are a lot faster now. I’m not sure how much fun for a lot of us the plodding, methodical, heat management style of combat is going to be.

    As always, happy to be wrong though.

    • Just because a lot of games are fast twitch-fests doesn’t mean that all games have to be. There’s a niche for the slower type. Personally I’m in my mid 30s and my reflexes aren’t remotely up to scratch for playing most shooters the kids are into any more.

      • I just hope its success isn’t measured by how many streamers it has, or how many games-as-a-service post-launch microtransactions it can sell.

        • We’ll have to wait and see I guess. I’m just glad to have a proper stompy robots game, for a while there it looked like all we’d get was boring turn-based strategy.

      • I just turned 38, but what I find is that I don’t have the time for the slower games now. I really need something I can get a good session with in under 50mins. I just don’t have the time for hours of gaming like I used.

        I think my reflexes are still really good though.

        • Slower pace doesn’t necessarily mean a long game though – I play a lot of World of Warships which is slower and more planned and methodical, but matches are 10-15 mins usually. Often less if you screw up.

          And to be honest I’m probably exaggerating a lot, I might not have the super fast twitch reflexes to play competitive Quake 3 or Starcraft or something, but I think I’m still good. I just use it as an excuse because I really don’t enjoy modern FPS, especially the toxic subcultures they’ve built up online. If I could guarantee I wasn’t playing with 12 year olds and/or assholes, maybe.

          • That’s a good point. I definitely hear you about the toxic culture’s. I think that’s really more a byproduct of the average age of players than anything else. I was pretty awful when I was 15, we just didn’t have the internet for me to spew bile online with no consequences.

    • Looks like a single player development of Mechwarrior Online. There is a large and dedicated player base for MWO which proves these slower, more deliberate giant robot games are still in demand. I for one will definitely pick this up as long as it doesn’t turn into a microtransaction clusterfuck.

  • Be interesting to see the control scheme on this….

    Takes me back to the Star League competition on Microsoft Zone… That was 20 years ago.

  • I’m excited for it but this trailer seems… I don’t know, a little dated? Can’t quite place my finger on it but it looks like something from 10 years ago save for the destruction effects. Maybe it’s the over-reliance on metallic textures and hard lighting effects.

  • I’m already all the way in… but adding Steam Workshop support means that we’re going to get all the Clan mechs added in by the community too… and new VTOLs, new tanks, dropships… all much more easily than when MekTek had to code them into MechWarrior 4!
    And it’s in Unreal instead of CryEngine.
    It’s going to grouse!

  • The lighting is definitely weird. But I really hope this is worth playing when it’s finished and released! I haven’t had the chance to play a mech game since MechAssault 2 and I dearly miss it (Titanfall single player doesn’t count).

    • It does 🙂

      I just hope it’s at least as good as the last mech mercs game in terms of gameplay if not better.

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