No Man's Sky Is Finally Coming To Xbox This Winter

Image: Hello Games

No Man's Sky, released as a timed exclusive for Playstation 4 in 2016, will be coming to Xbox One this winter, and is also getting a huge update.

Sean Murray, founder of No Man's Sky's development company Hello Games, said over email that an Xbox one release for No Man's Sky had been "hotly requested by patient Xbox fans." The Xbox One version will contain all the previous updates to the game and the upcoming update, dubbed "Next," at the time of the release.

The game will also be enhanced for Xbox One X, and have a worldwide physical release published by 505 Games.

Murray says Next will be "by far our biggest update so far," and like previous updates, free for all players. "We'll continue to support No Man's Sky in this way for the foreseeable future," he said.

"We've learned a lot over the last few years, faster than we would have liked!" Murray said. "I'd love to avoid talking completely and just make things people can play."


    So, there updating it, and 505 is publishing Xbone edition. Does that mean Sony have dropped it, and are no longer involved in the game at all?

    I'd love to avoid talking completely and just make things people can play.

    I'd kinda love that too

    Okay so in before the fanboys & haters, Hello Games stole the idea for No Mans Sky from a smaller indie developer called Mi Clos studio, Every thing from the way you learn words in the communication with aliens, Inventory aesthetics, The starting ship design to the story about with artifacts, Gathering resources to survive & to continue your journey by building upgrades for the ship, Mi Clos's Outthere is a 2d game, No Mans Sky only key differences are it's 3d build & it's worst implementation of Mi Clos's original vision. To those who will still defend Hello games, You need to think about what you're defending, You are defending a studio who stole another indies hard creative work & that's as despicable as anything Electronic Arts has done.

      You're kidding right!?

      No Mans Sky is as deep as a puddle. If someone made a game with story, design and gameplay that shallow but without the graphics or the procedurally generated universe then THEY'RE the ones who should be ashamed!

      I'd scribble down a bunch of loose ideas for games based on seemingly unfeasible concepts today if it meant I got credit when someone else went to the absurd effort involved in actully delivering.

        You know nothing about Mi Clos's game, Your basing No Mans Sky shallowness & bad implementation of another studio's ideas as a grounds to say "Oh the original idea must be even shallower".

        Your saying that it's okay for a studio like Hello games to steal from smaller indie developers because you think they may do a better job at it, That's really fked up.

          That's the creative industry in a nutshell if you can't handle people seeing your work and emulating or even copying the idea then working in a creative field is not for yourself, unfortunately.

      You can't copyright ideas and if you think someone else won't implement a good idea when they see one you're crazy. The games industry is no different to the Film & TV or Book industry with scripts, screenplays, and books borrowing or outright copying ideas. It is all about who implements those ideas the best that matters. You think CoD or Battlefield are the only shooters? No, but they provide the most compelling environment so they're number one. I don't own NMS nor am I buying so I have no dog in this argument other than pointing that your issue with it is irrlevant when critiquing a game.

        I'm not critiquing No Mans Sky, I'm pointing out that is not an original creation or borrowed idea but a rip off in no small shape, That is relevant as maybe ppl on xbox who are thinking of purchasing it would like to know what they're supporting by making a purchase, Fps are largely similar but they have different stories, sometimes different gameplay mechanics & always different user interfaces etc. Outthere & Nms isn't Cod & Battlefield, It's Cod mobile & Cod console. I don't mean to be rude but you don't understand the scope of plagiarism here, So pointing out my "issue" as being irrelevant is asinine.

          This isn't plagiarism so there isn't any scope here mate so you can't use that argument which is why I didn't use that word. You a literally critiquing NMS here or do you not actually know what it means to critique something where you offer a critical evaluation, response, or opinion to provide feedback about something. My analogy is apt but you're delusional if you honestly think anyone cares about who did something first because that fact is 100% irrelevant and how they did it was boring, so downvote away whatever makes your ego boosted for feeling indigent.

            "Your so vain, You probably think this song is about you, Your so vain" You said that you don't own nor are you buying NMS yet felt the need to get your comment in & you say i'm egotistical? Thank you for the pains of laughter! Lol

            How many indie games go unnoticed on Steam? Quite alot, Based on your & foggy's comments, These games must be boring?. Maybe Electronic Arts or Hello Games will "borrow" from a game you like? & when you point it out, You'll have Hello Games fanboys pretending they've never played NMS & are just pointing out how wrong you are because copyright law & creative freedom are so important to them, Your first comment to me was confrontational, What were you expecting in response? I knew the responses my initial post would garner but posted it anyway for those who aren't happy with these kinds of practices in gaming, If you don't care, Move along.

              SMH games going unnoticed on steam are due to them being bad that is a symptom of Steams poor curation of their content please try and follow a conversation and don't get sidetracked. Regardless you seem to be overly sensitive to NMS getting publicity instead of this other game you're talking about, do you work for the other studio or like why do you care so much for articles and products that have no bearing on your real life?

                You accuse me of being indigent yet you continue to try to speak down to me, What i'm concerned & sensitive about are of no concern to you as you have no dog in this, Your words & yet you continue your crusade, Move on & enjoy your weekend.

      There are similar parts, like the inventory management, the concept of space exploration and discovering aliens. I'd still say that the core game play is very different. Not to mention that you don't actually get outside your ship and control your character, while in No Man's Sky that's most of the game play. Imho it's too harsh to call it stealing.

      On top of that I read somewhere that No Man's Sky's first trailer came out before Out There?

      So I took a quick look at the game you're talking about and, uh, sorry but I don't see it at all.

      There's superficial similarities for sure, but then again if we're being superficial we could claim NMS ripped off David Braben's classic Elite, so yeah.

        This shouldn't surprise you but if you see no similarities then maybe it will surprise you, I'm not the first to point this out, There have been journalists who have tried to talk to Hello Games about this but were met with the silence that Hello Games are known for, You're clearly a fan of Hello Games so there's no real point in a rebuttal to your comment as nothing i say will seem relevant & i have no desire to argue, Have a good evening.

        Last edited 30/03/18 10:03 pm

          I did a bit more digging, and I found a video from The Know that fairly comprehensively debunks your theory that one game is a ripoff of another. It's worth a watch and seems pretty fair to both games. I'm honestly a little surprised you didn't put this link into your original post as it somewhat supports your arguments.

          Ultimately, while the two games clearly have some surprisingly similar mechanics, accusing No Man's Sky of being a wholesale knockoff of Out There (which, as that video points out, is itself quite similar to FTL in many ways) is a huge stretch and not really enough to damn Hello Games.

          (As for me, I'm not a fan of Hello Games at all, but I did enjoy my time with No Man's Sky and will definitely see how this latest update changes the game. My Dad, on the other hand, put maybe 500 hours into the game after the Atlas Update, and loves it to bits).

            Glad you enjoyed your time with the game, It is nodoubt special in it's own way, I try to take the good with the bad.

    Looking forward to this update. Hopefully they overhauled the game so the planets now allow for more exploration potential. More Biomes, better random generation, wildlife interactivity, multiplayer etc...

      I restarted a few weeks ago and it's a much better game than it was at launch (can say that about a lot of games, TBH).

        You still playing Elite? What do you think of the updates? I haven't really jumped back in yet, I finally figured out the mining & control limpet systems.

          Oh yes. I'm currently bringing my second character (the originally named CMDR Trike About...) back to the bubble from a trip to Beagle Point. Meanwhile, my main character is freelancing around the core systems and slowly unlocking the Engineers.

          The Aussie home system of Kunti is reasonably busy at the mo. :)

          The thargoids are very cool. The new planetary surfaces look amazing. I've not done the new Guardian archeology but it looks good.

          Loving the new ships - the T10 is a monster, and the Alliance Chieftain's great fun to fly.

            See i know there's story elements but i need to seek them out, Lol kunti! I do want that type 10, I'm at 50 million range with good contacts in the hazel system, I can go 4 the Python or level up Rep 4 the federation & buy the assault ship, Both prospects don't interest me though, My mate found a black hole but didn't fly into it, Live a little! Fly into it i say lol. Have fun with the Nms update & Elite.

            You've reminded me that I really need to get the cash together to get another Asp Explorer. Traded mine up for a Python (which is great, best ship in the game) but want an Explorer just for doing long-hauls out to Colonia.

            (I'm sure I could take the Python out there, but gods I miss the Explorer's jump range).

              Python's awesome. Mine's set up as a cargo ship at the mo, but it's been a pretty good miner too. Asp's fun though, and my explorer account's got a nice 50ly range. Can do a bit more with the new engineering changes, but that account left the bubble about a year ago...

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