Oregon's New Tourism Ad Is Basically A Studio Ghibli Movie


    Cool! I'm going to Japan in a few months, might check out Oregon while we're there.

    But seriously, as amazing as that was, it doesn't really instil a lot of confidence when the tourism ad can't or won't show you the actual place they're promoting :P

      It's in the US dogg. The "only slightly exaggerated" part at the end is pretty accurate though.

      Last edited 14/03/18 12:31 am

        Yes, I am aware it's in the US. But the ad is in the style of Japanese animation so I... Bah, never mind.

    Ha, puff the magic dragon, shout out to the decriminalisation of recreational pot use.. ;)

    If you like beer and hiking it's the best place on Earth. Also the Clutch song, yeah.

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