Osaka's Cosplay Hit The Streets

It's that time of year again when the Nipponbashi Street Festival is held on the streets of Osaka, and as always, some of the best cosplay in Japan was out in the sun enjoying/tolerating the crowds.

Last year it was Persona 5 stealing hearts, but this year there's a range of amazing costumes, from Nier: Automata to Transformers to Porco Rosso to... well, Persona 5 again.

The video below was made by Rescue the Princess!


    not going to lie, it's nice to see Anpanman still being cosplayed

    That was awesome, but that gif is like something from a cosplay zombie horror

    I love Den Den Town. You get early to buy a new game, end up meeting a monk on a street corner on the way and come home late after ad hoc Street Fighter IV tournaments.
    At least that was my experience.

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