Other Rapper-Streamer Combos I’d Love To See

Other Rapper-Streamer Combos I’d Love To See

Over 600,000 people tuned in last night to watch Drake play Fortnite with the streamer Ninja. Watching these two share their love for games was a treat, but it’s got me hungry for more. I have some suggestions for some great matches:

Day9tv and Chance The Rapper playing Hearthstone

All I want are for these two incredibly nice men to play some games together. Chance is a little bit of a nerd, referencing Dragon Ball Z on his latest album, but he’s also just a warm, nice guy.

He’s a perfect match for Sean “Day9tv” Plott, who takes everything in stride and has an enormous amount of charisma. I don’t know how much Chano games, but Day9tv is an incredibly patient teacher. How cute would it be to see him teach Chance how to kick arse at Hearthstone?

Kaceytron and Cardi B playing Overwatch

Cardi B is america’s sweetheart, rising to fame with the phenomenal track, “Bodak Yellow,” the first number one single from a female rapper since 1998. She’s got a mischievous sense of humour. In this incredibly funny interview with Jimmy Fallon, after he runs down a list of her accomplishments, she pretends to wipe a tear from her face while saying, “I’m so proud of myself.”

She’s got a lot in common with Kaceytron, who also loves to mess with people a little and has absolutely no shame at all. Uniting their powers might make the fuckboys of Twitch so collectively angry that they spontaneously combust.

ProZD and Riff Raff playing Love Live

SungWon “ProZD” Cho is mostly a YouTuber, who reviews snacks and uploads hilarious sketches, like this one about the struggles of being an anime fan:

He stream occasionally, but exclusively Love Live, and although he probably can get down with cute anime girls, I’m not sure the gachapon rhythm game is Riff Raff’s speed. ProZD is nevertheless the only person I can think of who is as funny as this Riff Raff instagram video, which is the best video on the entirety of the internet:


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I feel like getting these two offbeat internet personalities on the same stream could only result in hilarity.

Dr. Disrespect and Post Malone playing PUBG

Last night, both these guys seemed like they were sad they were missing out on the fun that Ninja and Drake were having. They both have a similar, GOB Bluth-esque temperament, they both prefer Battlegrounds to Fortnite, and they both long hair and mustaches. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

Punk and Frank Ocean playing Street Fighter

Victor “Punk” Woodley seems like a really genuine, sensitive guy. Frank Ocean’s whole musical career is built on sensitivity and openness, something he shares with Punk’s incredibly earnest persona.

They also have another thing in common: Street Fighter.

Ocean literally named a song after the game on his album Nostalgia Ultra and sampled from it on Channel Orange, and Punk is an incredibly talented Street Fighter V player who placed second at last year’s Evo. I’d love to see these two shoot the shit and play a little bit. Hell, Frank doesn’t even have to play. Let him get a piano out and serenade Punk as gears up for Evo.


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