Our Latest Look At The New FLCL Is Rad, Yet Wildly Confusing

Our Latest Look At The New FLCL Is Rad, Yet Wildly Confusing
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After almost a year of waiting, we finally know when to expect Adult Swim’s new continuations of Gainax’s beloved, weird-as-hell coming of age anime FLCL – and we’re getting a double dose of it this year, to boot.

Adult Swim released a new trailer acting as a mishmash of both the new second and third seasons of the show, now dubbed FLCL: Progressive and FLCL: Alternative, respectively. Both are set after the events of the original series: Progressive follows two teenage classmates, Hidomi and Ide, who find themselves on the front lines of another battle with the Medical Mechanica as two new “otherworldly beings” named Jinyu and Haruha look to unlock their potentials in the way the bass guitar-wielding alien Haruko did with FLCL‘s original protagonist, Naota.

Although it’s not been announced, there’s been a few hints Haruko will also show up at some point.

Meanwhile, Alternative is being dubbed as a series that will, in the vaguest description possible, “redefine the meaning of ‘sequel,'” according to a provided press release. We at least know Haruko will definitely appear in this series, crashing into the lives of 17-year-old Kana and her friends to recruit them into another encounter with the Space Pirate King Atomsk. The fact that there are two different seasons intertwined into this trailer makes for some confusing moments, but hey! Listen to that rad new Pillows soundtrack and relax:

It still feels weird to be seeing new FLCL stories in 2018, especially ones that are going to have a tough time matching the wild ride of the original series. But they’re looking intriguing so far, and like I said, more music by the Pillows in our lives can at the very least be a good thing.

FLCL: Progressive airs in America this June on Adult Swim, with FLCL: Alternative following up in September.


  • I’ve had too many preconceptions of what I’ve wanted a new season of FLCL to be, getting in the way of liking the new/actual story line here. It can’t be helped sadly. I wish I wasn’t such a super fan : /

    Don’t like cat ear girl. Bring back Naota & introduce his brother into the show ????

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