Overwatch's Newest Hero Is Torbjorn's Daughter

After a week of teasing, Blizzard has confirmed that Overwatch's newest hero is Brigitte Lindholm, daughter of bearded turret lover Torbjorn.

Brigitte is a support hero who uses a rocket flail to deal damage, sometimes to multiple enemies at once. Her passive ability, Inspire, heals allies over time, and she can supplement that by dropping repair packs to heal wounded allies or, if they're already topped off, provide them with armour. She can also deploy a barrier shield that absorbs damage and bash people with it. Lastly, her ult, Rally, gives her team a big armour boost and increases her movement speed so she can charge into the fray and thwack everybody Real Good.

Here's her origin video:

So basically, she's part-paladin, part-gadget wizard. Also, she's BFFs with Reinhardt, rather than her real second dad, a turret. She's available to try on Overwatch's PC public test realm right now.


    Hm...this might get me to play again. *might*

    Another support Hero though?

      Because variety is a bad thing?

      As someone who plays tanks, I'm looking forward to giving her a go.

        No I love Variety. My point was just the last character they released is support, and (I may be wrong here) I’m pretty sure that no true Defense hero has been added since launch.

          It's probably because defense is inherently an underplayed category. There's no point adding new defense heroes when No One(TM) plays the ones we've already got.

            I disagree. From my observations, Mei and Junkrat are very popular picks, Hanso and Torb are regular picks and Bastion is overused if anything.

              Just had a look on overbuff and 4 of the 7 least-played heroes are defense (5 if you count Symmetra as a defense hero). Junk is the only defense hero to make it into the top half of heroes played. More people play Dva or Mercy than all the non-Junkrat defense heroes combined.

      we got a lot of Attacker and defenders already.. more tanks/support is a good thing.

        and this new character looks very interesting.. loving the ranged melee... and shield.. though paladins have been my favourite archtype for most games.

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