PlayStation VR Bundle Is Getting A Price Cut, Will Be $129 Cheaper

As of April 2, the starter PlayStation VR PlayStation Camera Bundle will be $419.95, which is $129.05 less than the original $549 retail price.

Photo: Kotaku

Similar price cuts will go into effect in the US, UK, Europe and Japan tomorrow, but Australia and New Zealand will have to wait a couple of days longer.

In case you missed it, read Kotaku's PlayStation VR review below.

PlayStation VR: The Kotaku Review

Let's cut to the chase. PlayStation VR should be better. At its best, Sony's new virtual reality headset manages to conjure the astonishing, immersive wonder of modern virtual reality. Just as often it is frustratingly held back by outdated hardware that can't quite do what's being asked of it.

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    Price is actually the least of Sony's problems right now.

    The real worry is lack of quality content.

      Yep, I'm still waiting for the defining title because I'm not spending that kinda money just for Gran Turismo and Resident Evil.
      (And an influx of questionable PS+ VR titles)

        If you don't have another VR set, I'd suggest that Batman Arkham VR, Accounting Plus and Thumper are all really fun titles to pick up. There's enough games to fill in time, the main issue is that the act of using VR for extended periods of time. Even if you aren't prone to motion sickness, I get eye strain if I use it for more than two hours.

        It's still a hard sell for the price, but I find a lot of VR titles to feel fundamentally different to playing non-VR games. It's kinda comparable to the difference of playing a PC and a console, you're doing the same thing, but in totally different ways.

    But will this be for v2 of the headset though?
    I'm guessing it's for V1 so it's more of a clearance than a permanent price drop.

    So its April 2nd....?
    s been no bundle price cut at all, based on my
    online research.
    Has there been a delay?


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