Pokemon Fan Film Shows A World Without Pokemon

Image: Revolving Door Productions

It's been 20 years since Ash started his Pokemon journey and in this gritty, live action fan film, the world is not a happy place. Team Rocket have upgraded from inept thieves to facist stormtroopers, Gary Oak owns a strip club and nobody has seen a pokemon in five years.

Inspired by the Power Rangers fan film from a few years ago, Australian filmmaker Robin Brown set out to make his own take on Pokemon.

In The Resurgence, Team Rocket has taken over the Kanto region. They destroyed the environment and hunted pokemon for their own ends. Five years before The Resurgence, Ash lead a rebellion against Giovanni, Team Rocket's leader, only to get crushed.

Pikachu is gone. Ash has nothing. So he goes to visits his dealer, and former rival, Gary Oak who sends Ash on a new adventure.

You can watch The Resurgence below. It's a gritty, live action fan film of a popular cartoon. Maybe don't watch it at work.


    Pokèmon for adults. I can go with this ><

    The power rangers reboot though we won't see it, Damn it was well done and a bit awesome. Bring on the tears of OH RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD!

    Reminds me of that one dark n gritty smashbros fanseries

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