Pokemon GO Gets Storylines, Quests And Mew

Pokemon GO Gets Storylines, Quests And Mew
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Pokemon GO continues to add some structure beyond “capture everything”, with Niantic announcing that the AR game will soon add more interesting ways to play the game and earn rewards.

While many of these additions have been known for a while now thanks to data mining, the inclusion of a quest-like structure and storytelling is still an exciting prospect. Pokemon GO does, after all, have characters – remember Professor Willow? Plus, many monsters are only cool because they have an interesting tale – though, Pokemon GO has failed to really tap into that part of the series so far, instead only offering them as avatars to collect. But soon, that’s changing. Here’s Niantic describing how it will work:

Trainers will begin receiving research tasks later this week, adding new activities and challenges that can be completed for in-game rewards. Some of these rewards will lead Trainers to access unique storylines that include discovering the mystery behind the Mythical Pokemon Mew.

Pokemon GO’s new research feature will provide Trainers with unique activities called Field Research and Special Research. Field Research tasks can be collected by spinning nearby Poketops, and they include a wide range of Pokemon-related activities. Special Research tasks are story-driven activities that may be requested by Professor Willow himself, and they will unfold as the Trainer completes more objectives.

Field Research can be done multiple times per day, and some tasks will offer increasing complexity. According to Niantic, collecting seven stamps may be the key to encountering legendary monsters – I’m guessing this will be how you get Mew. As someone who doesn’t have the time to raid, I for one am stoked. This might get me back into the game. I just hope that the writing taps into some of the weirder and darker parts of Pokemon lore, like the main games do!

Here’s what it will look like in action:


  • Man, this game would have been so much better if it launched with all this stuff. I only managed to last a year.

      • With a group of friends it can be a fun social outing as well.

        Ingress was much deeper, that was at least 2 and a final year in bits bad pieces.

        • Fair enough. To each their own – I didn’t really last longer than a month with PGO. Too shallow, and the bugs got me to the point of frustration. Might try it again when this comes out.

          • Ingress is a fair bit deeper, but depends on how active it is around your area. It’s best when you are working with others.

          • I used to play Ingress when it first came out, it was way too dead in my area though. I’d much rather just sit at home playing other games though.

  • Man. I’d be all over this if I was still playing. I couldn’t really get out and about even if I wanted to anymore though. Shame.

  • My biggest problem with this is that its probs not going to take into account where you live.

    • This.
      The game sucks for everyone not living in a city, which is a shame for something aimed at kids who should be able to just walk to their local park.

      For a game centered around socializing there isn’t any friends lists or indicator about who is playing near you. A feature that both the HP and JW go games will have.

      Then the core gameplay of Pokemon is missing, fighting another trainer. The main aspect of every pokemon game except this one.

      Fix those and you’ll have me back onboard.

  • Nice additions by the look of it. This will likely get me out a bit more to track down raids that I can do

  • This would be neat if there were more then 2 actual Pokestops and or gyms around my locale. But alas regional Australia was not meant to be supported by this game.

  • As someone who doesn’t have the time to raid, I for one am stoked.
    Then, in the research task:
    Win 3 raids.
    Have fun!

  • Used to play the game a heap, then Apex started mugging people of their phones in my suburb, and the cops did bugger all about it.

    Game fell out of favor soon after. Besides driving to the poke stops, which defeats the entire point of the game which is supposed to be about walking/exercise.

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