Rolling With Cthulhu: A Look At Infinite Black's Elder Dice

Image: Logan Booker

About this time last year, Infinite Black's Elder Dice Kickstarter was well underway. The idea behind the project was to produce sets of polyhedral dice, smother them in Lovecraft love and secure them inside lovely themed boxes. Well, the crowdfunding campaign was a success and backers are now receiving their prized rollin' plastic.

Infinite Black was kind enough to send us a complimentary set, so I thought I'd take a few snaps and provide some first impressions.

Image: Logan Booker

While the dice are well manufactured and the Lovecraft-inspired symbols are neat, they're essentially identical to any other seven-die set you might pick up from your local gaming store. You do however get a couple of extra d6s, which is nice.

The real pièce de résistance is the spellbook box — a sturdy carrying case for your RPG bits and bobs, though I'd be reluctant to put pencils and pens in there (not that they'd fit).

Image: Logan Booker

The box itself is made of sturdy cardboard and the artwork is perfect. The lid pleasantly snaps closed, thanks to hidden magnetic strips and stays firmly in place.

If you're curious about the manufacturing process, Infinite Black's Heath Robinson has a series of blog posts explaining the difficulties the company encountered along the way.

Unfortunately, while product pages for the dice are up on Infinite Black's website, none are currently available.

Elder Dice [Infinite Black]


    Box is nice but honestly, the dice are nothing special.

    Aside from the rune, these look almost exactly like the Scarab colouration of the normal dice sets. I think you’re paying more for a pretty box and an idea here.

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