Good job Captain Awesome (via Gemini) for spotting yesterday's game: Theme Park. You can probably hear the kids vomiting from too much sugar in front of the bouncy castle right now. Ah, what a game.

Anyway, time for a new game. And let's mix it up just a tad.

Good luck!



    Actually, it looks more like a rugby game...not sure which one.

    Last edited 01/03/18 12:25 pm

    NFL Blitz

    ...ok, that's it for my ideas.


      That was my first thought too, but I don't think the target thing around the player was that fancy?
      Possibly Smash TV?

    Was there a Tron game that was based on the Skee ball scene as oppsed to the light cycle race? If so, I say Tron.

      Yeah, there was the Discs of Tron arcade game. This crossed my mind, but the shape under the player doesn't match.

      Also, it kind of looks like he's on the side of a road.

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