Sea Of Thieves AMA Still Leaves Questions

Sea Of Thieves AMA Still Leaves Questions
Image: Microsoft

The team at Rare did an AMA over on Reddit to build up hype about Sea of Thieves before it sets sail tomorrow.

Many of the answers were less than forthcoming resulting in a Sea of Tease.

Studio head, Craig Duncan, and four of his crew answered a volley of questions on Reddit for an hour. Unfortunately, many of the answers were indirect or promised something later down the track.

Not ideal for people hoping to get a better idea of what to expect from the game.

This all comes from Rare’s “show not tell” approach to marketing Sea of Thieves. The betas, the game itself, these are the things that Rare wants us to set our expectations by. It means we have to take a lot on faith.

A number of the questions were about quality of life improvements: the ability to take on more than one voyage at a time, being able to signal intent to other ships, a notification system when crew drop in or out and so on.

The answer was almost always along the lines of “We’re working on it.”

The team did address a very important question about instruments.

If you were hoping to have a better idea of what to expect before going sailing on the big blue wet thing then this AMA is not going to leave you satisfied.

You’ll have to see what stories players start to tell when Sea of Thieves comes out tomorrow.

Creating Stories Together: How Rare Is Building Sea Of Thieves

Once you enter the lobby of the unassuming brick-and-glass building, it isn’t the studios past successes that are championed, but <em>Sea of Thieves:</em> Rare's new multiplayer action-adventure game where you voyage around the world as a pirate, collecting treasures, hunting long-dead captains and tinkering with your ship.

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  • I fear this game will be a solid 7/10 slumping to 6/10 due to a lack of long term engaging content. It won’t fix the MS first party problem, no matter how many PR stunts are run up to launch.

    • As far as I can tell AMA’s are great for having what a game will be like on release. If the questions are answered with well informed confidence the game often goes well. If the Devs keep trying to dodge questions it’s usually a red flag.
      This game will probably play out much like it’s AMA nothing of substance until later on down the road.

    • Yeah it feels like For Honor, there will be a small community that is super stoked for it, but everyone else just gives it a pass and it falls out of vogue

  • It sounds like not sharing roadmaps and remaining reactive is good idea in that current climate. Just not from a consumer perspective.

    • Pretty sure they are just following Bungie. Launch the game and just wait for player feedback for 3 months. Once they gather enough feedback they will start having “roadmap” after tons of outrage.

      It is not that they are not sharing roadmaps, it is more likely they do not have a roadmap.

      I am sure their “mystery” update will be something like “Surprise! Your most wanted feature is now in game”

      EDIT: RIP account is flagged for no reason and every post awaits moderation

  • It’ll be fun for a week then it’ll be a snoozefest.

    Rare, at least in my opinion, don’t have the reputation they once did to be trading on that alone.

    You need to share more–you’re not at Rockstar levels yet.

  • I hate that the “We are developing a persistant game title” devolves so quickly when their only long term goal is launch… and figure the rest out later.

    Its why PubG, Destiny, SW battlefront and a whole myriad of titles are in suffering… no dynamic long term plans to adapt to player demands or issues. Its devolves so quickly to pressure.

    • Warframe is a bit of both. They have long-term plans, and they react to player feedback. And they add little things to it for the hell of it, like the new mini-game thing they where showing off, Frame Fighters.

    • This. They need to have an eye on the way well-run MMOs work. Games like WoW or FFXIV nowadays have a delayed release of ‘true’ endgame content and then they’re out there within the first few weeks at least hinting at the content they’ve got coming in the next major patch etc.

  • I’ve never seen a game have 10+ seperate betas.
    They are trying to build hype where there is none.
    I really fear for this game and can it being the flop of the year.

    • Or they’re thoroughly testing the game and their capacity to host an active crossplay game across different platforms.

  • Nothing here to inspire me to buy at launch, or anytime soon. The beta left me a little meh with the simplicity and repetition, and now they’re not promising anything more (not even another bloody instrument) if you pay for it.

    If no-one buys it at launch it’s going to be a much hyped flop.

  • I’ve been really excited for this since it was announced, it was by far the most fun thing I played at PAX last year but the whole idea of “we’ll add it post-launch” and then saying their roadmap is ‘Reactive’ (i.e. no real plan for post-launch) really kills any interest I have in buying it.

    It still looks like a fun game but it seems like people might get tired of the lack of content even quicker than Destiny 2 with potentially even longer to wait – and it seems to be just as (if not more) punishing to solo players as D2 is.

  • The “fix it in post-production” dev method is all well and good as long as you’re not asking AAA prices.

    Which these guys are. So that’s a no from me.

    • One thing you could do is sign up for the xbox game pass thing and then use the 14 day free trial (if you haven’t used it before) to play the game for free. And if you get bored with it after a week at least you only paid $11.

  • I had good fun with the stress test, and most of the beta. But towards the end of it when teaming up with friends for the last 5 hours or so, we only once saw a single sloop off in the distance and that’s it. The game becomes pretty dull when you’re not coming across any other players at all, so I’m holding off to see what other friends think of it after launch (and will likely just game pass it for those two trial weeks to see whether I’ll actually want to invest).

    Except now that gets shelved too because Splatoon needs severe attention for the next several weeks 😛

  • I would have loved this game if you were able to have an AI team and play this game in single player (Assuming it hasn’t added this feature in, but wasn’t there last time i checked). I hate the idea of “YOU MUST PLAY WITH MATES OTHERWISE THIS GAME DOESNT WORK”

  • Those responses from the devs just make it cringe to even read. There is no hype for Sea of Thieves from what i have seen and also needs windows 10 to play it which is a black mark. Microsoft are hiring companies to make games or remaster old ones to keep pushing windows 10 to people that is all. AoE 1 remaster should have released on steam too with the rest of them but nope, windows store only.

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