Sea Of Thieves Player Becomes First To Reach Max Rank But Not Everyone Is Impressed

Sea of Thieves is a grindy game where even high level quests can grant only a pittance of gold and reputation. One dedicated streamer has reached maximum reputation with the game's three factions to become a pirate legend and unlock a secret hideout.

There are three major factions in Sea of Thieves: the covetous Gold Hoarders, the chicken-loving Merchants Alliance, and the creepy goth mums from the Order of Souls. Completing missions for these factions increases a player's reputation, but it's a long way to the maximum rank of 50.

Streamer Prod1gyX has been playing Sea of Thieves relentlessly since release and managed to achieve rank 50 with all of the factions. In the process, he impressed the judgemental Mysterious Stranger, who bestowed upon him the rank of "pirate legend."

Prod1gyx did receive help from viewers, who farmed treasure for him before he joined their crews so he could turn in the loot for the reputation boosts. In a game about pirates, this kind of trickery might seem fitting, but it does make the feat less impressive than if he'd endured the grinding and done the full legwork alone.

Players on forums such as Reddit and other social media sites have started the hashtag #NotMyPirateLegend, calling on Rare to avoid conferring further in-game status to Prod1gyx.

In addition to bragging rights, Prod1gyX received a special outfit and a new shanty to play on his instruments. That shanty was the key to solving the riddle the Mysterious Stranger gave him. Prod1gyX worked with his stream viewers for hours before realising that all he needed to do was play the new song right inside the tavern with the Mysterious Stranger.

It revealed a hidden staircase to an entirely new area: the Tavern of Legends.

The underground grotto holds ghostly merchants and a bustling tavern for players to explore. Most importantly, it is where players can find the Pirate Lord and accept legendary voyages that combine aspects of all mission types into grand adventures, although it's not entirely clear what the rewards are yet.

For now, we'll have to wait for Prod1gyX to complete those voyages while waiting for new pirate legends reach the tavern and discover what else the game has to offer.


    The special outfit doesn't unlock when you reach legend. You've got to level up your legendary pirate rank....more grinding huzzarrrrrh!

    People are strange. Someone does something they them won’t have the patience, time or interest in doing themselves but because they didn’t do it themselves they get all upset with him... over a computer game

      People are strange, they get upset over things yet they're all going to die and nothing matters in the end.


      I think what people are bothered by is that he didn't put in the time or patience to do it himself either. He outsourced the grinding to his subscribers. It does somewhat strip the rewards of their prestige if he obtained them by doing no more than anyone else but rather just 'got there first' because he had a lot of meatbots to draw on.

        He jumped in, reaped the rewards, left. joined new game, reaped the rewards, left. Rinse and repeat

          ah I didnt understand that part of it, my bad

            Yeah, they didn't really explain it. Instead of doing the actual quests, he was just jumping in and out as they were off loading their goods.
            Kinda defeats the purpose.

        but isnt one of the guiding things that so many fans of streamers like, is being made to feel like they are part of a community. Whether it is to getting to group with the streamer, or them to call them out by name, or in cases like this they are used to help the streamer achieve something?

        so of course people outside that cycle, are going to have a problem with it, but if it was someone they liked and followed, I could imagine it would be a completely different story.

          Mmmmm nah. Not if the contribution was just him logging in an out of games. It isn't his fault though, it's rares for allowing such a broken system to go live where you don't actually need to participate in the actual quest.

    In a game about pirates, this kind of trickery might seem fitting, but it does make the feat less impressive than if he'd endured the grinding and done the full legwork alone.I disagree. This is basically Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence and a fun bit of social engineering. There isn't anything impressive about grinding, it's just a repetition of the same task and while physical grinding like training has benefits, this is just digital actions with no real benefit other than bigger numbers. What is impressive though is finding clever ways to avoid that grinding.

      This is brute force though, probably the least clever way to get around a challenge that involves repetition aside from botting.

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