6 Video Game Deals You Should Know About

6 Video Game Deals You Should Know About
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The deals start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’, fed to the deals, now ya get the deals runnin’! We’ve got gaming deals all over the place today, so if you’re a computer-type boffin like me, you’ll be pleased!

1. Xbox Console Deals: 500GB Xbox One S Bundles for $299 with 4 games? Yes please! Or 1TB Xbox One S consoles with a range of different games? Here’s where to go to score yourself a new console for just $349. Then you’ve got the bomb over at JB where you can get a 1TB Xbox One S and 3 games for $389.

2. Target Prices Are Down Down: You can grab some absolute ripper bargains from Target at the moment, with games like Watch Dogs 2 under $20. Take a look at the full range – some of the best you’ll find for the tentpole releases like Far Cry 5 and No Way Out, right now. Check it.

3. Steam: Some really good prices on a swath of big titles including Rise of the Tomb Raider, GTA V, Bioshock, The Elder Scrolls Online, Just Cause, Batman, Life Is Strange and the Dawn of War series. Investigate here!

4. Amazon 70% Off: Amazon Australia have done one thing incredibly right – Video Game pricing. Some of the cheapest prices you’ll find are floating around on Amazon. They have 70% off here.

5. JB Hi-Fi 20% Off: The Black and Yellow Giant is having a 20% off video game accessories sale. We chucked this one in the deals yesty, but there’s some great buys in here. Check it out.

6. Free Games: The Darkness II – a really riveting little thing – is 100% free right now at the Humble Store. While you’re there, you can also check out the Humble Monthly which has some great titles like GOD EATER 2, Mafia II and Deus Ex to feast on for just $12 a month. Easy.


  • A note that, for those of you who haven’t got to it yet, Spec Ops: The Line is also free at the Humble Bundle website.
    That one is worth taking a look, but you’ll need a good drink by the end.

  • 6. Free Games: The Darkness II – a really riveting little thing – is 100% free right now at the Humble Store.

    Not anymore it isn’t. Humble now have Spec-ops: The line for free.

    Also unless I’m missing something, the amazon stuff looks pretty poor. $71 for the Logitech shifter doesn’t seem like 70% off to me, and there’s nothing in that link thats appealing.

    Posted 30th at 2:40pm. Awaiting moderation since then…Fuck this website.

  • Don’t click on the Amazon deals – they are worse than shit. Prices are cheap but the products…. eugh!

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