So Far, The Best-Looking Mecha Game Controllers Of 2018

So Far, The Best-Looking Mecha Game Controllers Of 2018

It’s only March! There is still time for another company to top this. But for now, Japanese peripheral maker Hori has the honour or making this year’s best-looking mecha game controller. Sorry, controllers.

Image: Hori, aokyseizy

Earlier this week, Hori teased that it had a meeting at Sega. Fans hoped that this meant the company was working on dedicated sticks for mecha game Border Break.

Originally released in 2009, the arcade game is slated to get a PS4 release this year.

It needs these.

No word yet about a release date in Japan — or elsewhere.


  • Nope, still hoping someone would product a left version of Thrustmasters HOTAS cougar or warthog. With a set of peddles that allow both feet to move forward and backward, then we have a Mechwarrior setup!

    • Thrustmasters new modular line allows for dual ambidextrous joysticks and pedals. Its a cheaper feel than the high end HOTAS setup, but you can build a mech setup with these fairly easily.

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