Spring Or Autumn?

Spring Or Autumn?
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Every once in a while we ask if people prefer summer or winter. It’s autumn so why don’t we give some love to the other two seasons.

Growing up in Brisbane, we didn’t really have four seasons. It was either hot or not hot. Two seasons if you’re feeling generous. Now I’m settled in Canberra and we actually get to experience the full range that nature has to offer. Better yet we get it spread nicely over the whole year, instead of over a single day like Melbournian folk like to complain about.

Flowers blooming in spring. Leaves falling in autumn.

The gentle warmth of sunlight in summer. The refreshingly brisk coolness of autumn.

At the moment I’m leaning towards autumn being the better season. Come spring I might change my mind.

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  • Spring. Weathers warming up, cold rainy days are disappearing, and we get footy finals. Plus my birthday.

    I’m a warm weather person by nature, so that helps, but in terms of the middle of the ground seasons, I prefer it getting to that comfy weather point rather than moving away from it, and Spring delivers on that.

  • I’m from Brisbane too so I agree with the whole “It’s either Summer or the one day a year when we get sub-30 degree weather.” breakdown of seasons. My favourite season is Winter so Autumn is basically my next favourite since it’s the slow decline from high humidity into more tolerable weather.

  • Autumn – treacherous leaf slime all over my bike routes. Each day is shorter. The weather’s starting to suck.

    Spring – flowers and daylight and the days are getting longer… SPRING.

  • I prefer Spring because it means the best season (Summer) is coming.

    Also I live in Melbourne so Spring is usually that hour of the afternoon after the rain has cleared and the sun hasn’t yet made everything uncomfortably muggy.

  • Spring. In Autumn, the best is behind you and you’re heading into the depths of despair as Winter approaches. In Spring the worst is behind you and the days are getting longer and warmer. Spring is hope for a brighter future. Autumn signals the proverbial ‘winter of our discontent’.

  • Has to be Autumn. Spring annoys me, it’s still cold, and any warm day you get is usually brought along by stupidly strong gusts of northerly wind. Sure I love the blossoms on the tree and the signs of new life, but I much prefer the colours of autumn as the deciduous trees transform and the nights start to cool. Easily my favorite season of the year.

  • Early-Autumn for me. When the heat has gone but its echoes linger in the air. Can still wear shorts and t-shirt most of the time. Easter approaching. A time for chocolate.

  • Early spring because it still has the coolness of winter but it’s sunny and green. You can be out in the sun but still feel a gentle cool breeze and not sweat all over the place. I always lean towards cold weather because I hate summer and hot weather in general, but autumn usually just feels a bit depressing for my liking and early autumn is still too hot.

  • Bloody hell, people who like heat are psychopaths. What is wrong with these people? Sweat is more vile than shivering for EVERYONE. Not just yourself, but everyone who’s exposed to it. We’re APPARENTLY in Autumn, in Brisbane, but the city’s still nothing but streets full of guys in business attire with swampy, sweat-soaked backs creating two-toned shirt designs, crowding into elevators, leaving sticky patches when pressed up against anything… there’s not actually any reasonable way to expect anyone’s sweat glands to survive much more than five minutes total outside of air-conditioning. Why would anyone LIKE that?

    Give us some blessed relief from the sweat. Give us the cold… or at the very least, in Brisbane, the hope of something as close as we’re ever going to get to cold.

    • To the question:

      Autumn is the best, because it’s basically the seasonal equivalent of Friday. Good times are coming.

      Spring is Sunday evening. You’ve just used up all your good times, and nothing but an unpleasant ordeal of suffering (Summer) awaits.

    • “Amazing, every word of what you just said… was wrong” – Luke Skywalker
      I jest but I like summer so I must be a psychopath… actually, nope that’s accurate, I am 😛

      • You! People like you are what’s doing it! Stop WANTING the heat! Your intention manifestation is playing havoc with global temperatures!

        *rants and carries placard*

  • Autumn in Canberra is the best. The city looks gorgeous and the weather is nice and sunny but not too hot. On the other hand, Canberra springs are the worst – the weather can’t decide if its still winter or should start getting warm again, so it keeps switching back and forth.

  • Autumn, if for no other reason than that it signals the end of 35+ degree heat waves. Besides, you can ward off cold (at least the cold that Sydney-ites experience) by putting more layers on; there’s only so far you can go in the other direction to ward off heat.

  • Spring, always spring.
    As someone who grew up in sub-zero climates over winter, winter suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!
    Going for runs on a nice spring morning just before the sun gains full strength, and there’s still some coolness in the breeze without being freezing… Amazing!
    Autumn there’s nothing to look forward to but the darkness and dankness of winter. The term winter depression exists for a reason!

  • What are you talking about, Canberra *barely* has four seasons.

    Its bloody cold over winter to, oh this is pleasant for like a month, then into heatwaves for summer.

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