Static Podcast: Extinct Tech That Didn’t Deserve To Die

Static Podcast: Extinct Tech That Didn’t Deserve To Die
Image: iStock and Microsoft

They say there are only two certain things in life – death, and taxes. And taxes are boring – so on this episode of Static, we talk about death. Join us as we lament the death of our favourite characters, explore donating your body to science, respawning IRL and extinct tech that just didn’t deserve to die.


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Host Rae Johnston is joined by Gizmodo’s Hayley Williams, Kotaku’s Amanda Yeo and Lifehacker’s Jackson Ryan.

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  • It’s funny you show a pic of Windows Phone… used my old Lumia 1020 the other night and marvelled at how good (and, better!) the keyboard was compared to my iPhone 8.

    And Cortana still works better than Siri.. just lots of small things that worked “better” than the iPhone.

  • Windows phone… You were meant to be the chosen one.

    I miss my Windows phone every day. I don’t miss the complete lack of support or the increasingly buggy “updates”.

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