Tencent Announces Digital Contracts So Parents Can Manage Their Kids' Game Time

Image: Riot Games / League of Legends

Tencent Games, the world's largest gaming publisher and owner of the makers of League of Legends, has announced plans to introduce "digital contracts" as a new mechanism for parents to control their children's game time.

In a press conference covered by the Wall Street Journal, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng announced that the contracts would allow parents to negotiate how much game time their children could have. "Children can exchange their playing time by doing housework or reaching certain [academic] scores," Ma is quoted as saying.

The announcement comes after Tencent responded to criticism by implementing time limits within Honor of Kings, the highest grossing mobile game in China for Android and iOS. Honor of Kings is a MOBA targeted for mobiles, and one with a majority female player base as of May last year.

Honor of Kings, which had around 200 million active users around Christmas, was released to Western audiences under the name Arena of Valor. Tencent is also doing pretty well for itself: the company was valued at more than $US477 billion towards by the end of last year.


    lol contract for the parents for their children to do chores to get game time? I don't think you need a contract for that.......

    Wow. We’ve come along way from awkward silence during car trips with Dad.
    Now we have awkward contracts that allow you balance your child’s gaming and masturbation in exchange for getting the lawn mowed.
    What an age we live in.

    This is in response to the Communist government of China's criticism of Tencent because of the widespread issues of gaming addiction in China i bet. & i'm probably going to get hacked now.

    Anything's better than having to Parent properly!

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