The Ataribox Has A New Name

Image: Atari

The little console that could eventually exist finally has a real name. The Ataribox is now going to be known as the Atari VCS.

We still don't know much else about it.

Sporting a spiffy new logo that leans heavily on Atari's retro looks, the Atari VCS's new name is so generic that it counter-acts the spiffiness.

Image: Atari

Atari are showing prototypes of the Atari VCS with it's classic joystick and modern controller at GDC this week. I'm not sure how much interest they're going to drum up because I still can't work out what the point of this thing is.

It is meant to offer a range of classic Atari games and modern titles from a range of studios to play. I'm not sure we need another product to do that.

Image: Atari

Details on the specs are sparse. We know it'll run on an AMD processor with Radeon graphics and that the VCS uses Linux, offering a more PC-like open experience out of a set top box like product.

It'll also cost US$249 to US$299.

We also know that there have been setbacks and delays. At one point it was going to be released in autumn this year. That's now. Instead Atari is going to announce a pre-order date sometime in April.


    Kinda surprised they didn't just acknowledge the truth and call it the Ouya

      The Ouya died years ago. Let it rest.

      There is no need to drag it down further than it has already fallen.

        It would be fitting though. Someone wearing the mask of a long dead company trying to sell a wooden finish box that encloses the corpse of a long dead console.

    I actually don't hate the name. I'm guessing it stands for "Virtual Console System" or something similar. It also conjures some retro VHS feelings.

    Unfortunately, the system itself is conjuring some Ouya feelings right now.

      Glad I'm not the only one that's getting an Ouya vibe from this thing.

    I'm glad it will have FUN on the AMD processor! Will we?

      Whoops. Geez, it'd be embarrassing to make a typo like that if I had a job that involved wording good.

    What? No paddle controller? How will I play PONG?

    VCS was the original name of the 2600. It stands for Video Computer System.

      Huh, that makes sense. Thanks for the info.

    A great name to take on the VCR in the battle of the living room.

    Last edited 21/03/18 7:32 pm

    And it will be able to play games at 1080p and 30fps is my guess. Guess we will need to wait another 10years for [email protected] to be the norm. I'm going to blame GPU and Memory prices on cryptocurrency, its all their fault. (folds arms)

    Still looks great though.

    Wish they'd targeted 4k or something special, like customisation or a alternate boot linux backbone so it could be used as a small computer. As everyone else is saying, it just doesn't seem like enough in such a crowded market.

    Honestly, I have a PS3 which is great. A PS4 pro which is a seriously impressive machine and a switch which is so much fun. And a computer. Unless a console does something specific that my current machine don't do, then I wouldn't consider it. No way am I purchasing something else that just plays games. I already have that in spades.

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