The Cheapest Copies Of Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition In Australia

The Cheapest Copies Of Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition In Australia
Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, the revamped release of Square Enix’s fancy-panted (and fancy-haired) RPG, will be with us this week. The exact date depends on your choice of retailer, with some adhering to March 7 to sync up with the US, while others are going early on March 6. If you’re not super-fussed about being out by a day, price will be your next concern. Let’s help you with that.

Firstly, what exact does the Royal Edition offer over the original 2016 release? I suppose a feature list would help with that:

  • Expanded Map: Insomnia City Ruins – all-new side quests and enemies such as Cerberus and Omega will be available through the expanded map of the Crown City of Insomnia. Players can also take on a battle with the Rulers of Yore
  • A fully-controllable Royal Vessel boat, expanding the world of Eos and allowing players to explore the area between Cape Caem and Altissia. Players will also be able to fish aboard the vessel and discover new fish and recipes
  • A new accessory that can activate the new action “Armiger Unleashed” – players will be able to unleash powerful attacks while the Armiger is summoned. After collecting all of the royal arms, players will be able to find an accessory in an unidentified part of the world, enabling access to Armiger Unleashed
  • A new first-person camera mode, allowing players to experience the game from Noctis’ perspective
  • More than a dozen pieces of downloadable content including weapons, Regalia car skins and item sets
  • Archive – players can review the “Cosmogony” stories scattered throughout the FINAL FANTASY XV world. Additional local myths and legends will also be placed in various new locations. Through them, players will be able to obtain more information about the world
  • Quest to obtain and strengthen Regalia Type-D

If that’s enough to tempt you with a re-purchase (or a completely new one), grabbing the game for the lowest price possible would be really, really good. We had a quick look around at a variety of retailers — both online and bricks and mortar — to produce the lovely tables below.

Update: Additions to the tables since the last edit are highlighted in orange.

Please note that entries are in ascending order by total price (product plus delivery). This means Ozgameshop comes out on top by a fair margin, thanks to free shipping.

Interestingly, Mighty Ape is the only shop with a discrepancy between the Xbox One and PS4 versions, with the former being $3 dearer.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition (Xbox One, PS4)

Store Link(s) Notes Price
Ozgameshop Xbox One | PS4 Free delivery for orders over $50 $50.99
Mighty Ape Xbox One | PS4 Delivery from $5.99 $58 | $55
JB Hi-Fi Xbox One | PS4 Delivery from $1.69 $69
Play-Asia Xbox One | PS4 Delivery from $9.06. Accepts bitcoin $65.63
EB Games Xbox One | PS4 $10 deposit. Delivery from $3.50 $69.95
The Gamesmen Xbox One | PS4 Delivery from $7.95 $68
Gamestraders Xbox One | PS4 Free delivery $1813.19

That $1800 price from Gametraders? Not a typo. It looks like someone stuffed up when entering the cost into the database.

Screencaps for posterity, as I’m sure it’ll be corrected eventually.

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied


The release of the Royal Edition coincides with the debut of the game’s PC port. While the easiest route is Steam — if you don’t mind the absence of a physical copy — other options do exist.

In fact, the Windows Store is the cheapest, though it appears to be digital-only. Scratch that: GMG has it for $US39.49, or about $50 in local dollars. Easily the cheapest! (Thanks tofuzombie.)

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (PC)

Store Link(s) Notes Price
Green Man Gaming PC Steam key $US39.49 ($50.90)
Windows Store PC Digital copy $59.95
Origin PC Digital copy $59.95
Play-Asia PC Steam key. Accepts bitcoin $60.01
Mighty Ape PC Delivery from $5.99 $58
Steam PC Steam key $US49.99 ($64.43)
EB Games PC $10 deposit. Delivery from $3.50 $69.95

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition launch digitally and in stores on Wednesday, March 6 (or March 7, depending on the store).

We’ll update this post should any better prices come along.


  • I’ll stick with my tried-and-true method of adding it to my Steam Wishlist and grab it when it gets a price cut and then they slap another 85% off.

  • Hi,

    Just wondering, is there any difference between Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition on PS4 and Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on PC in terms of extra content? Will I receive all the extra content in PS4 royal edition if i purchase the Windows Edition?

    • Pretty much no. They are both essentially the same games except on different platforms. As for your second point.

      Will I receive all the extra content in PS4 royal edition if i purchase the Windows Edition?

      No. There is no program by square in which bonuses can be transferred to other platforms AFAIK

    • I believe the only difference is on the steam version you get a Gordon Freeman costume, and on the Origin version you will get a Sims costume. I believe both are for the multiplayer, not the single player.

    • Haven’t played the game yet but I think they issued a patch that made that level better, though I can’t find opinions on whether people think it’s perfect now.

      Almost every game has a bad level/segment though, so it might just be something that you can overlook if you like the basic game (check the demo out if you can).

    • Yes. They have greatly exapnded that chapter making it much less of a drag. You can now even play that chapter from the viewpoints of your friends.

  • I have been playing the demo a bit, and am keen to get it from that, but the FPS mode…. how is that not going to get wired in combat? lol

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