The Grandmother Who's Mastered MS Paint

Images: Instagram (@conchagazera)

Here's something to brighten your Easter break: an 87-year-old Spanish grandmother who happens to be a bit of a wiz at MS Paint.

According to Business Insider, Concha Garcia Zaera began mucking around with MS Paint when her husband fell ill 12 years ago. She used to muck around with oil paints, but the smell of the oil forced her to stop, and her artistic talents went to waste until her children gifted a computer.

Zaera, who joined Instagram recently, makes the drawings with a mouse and a Windows 7 PC - no 3D Paint for this master. Her account only had a few hundred followers at the start of the month, but it's since ballooned out to around 159,000, for obvious reasons.

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It's pretty heartwarming what one can do with some time, concentration and patience. For more MS Paint wizardry, head to Zaera's delightful Instagram profile.


    Her family should now gift her a wacom tablet. That would up her game.

    Lost scenes from a Monkey Island that never was.

    Someone needs to make an adventure game with her art.

    Fantastic. She used the limitations of the medium to create a particular style, which is something much more difficult than just drawing something pretty or realistic.

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