The Latest Deadpool 2 Trailer Is Just Lovely

If you've ever wanted a movie that takes a strong stance against gluten, you'll probably enjoy the latest Deadpool 2 trailer.

Featuring a bit more of Cable, a chubby kid with firey hands and a suite of superheroes "young enough to carry their own franchise for the next 10 to 12 years", the latest Deadpool 2 trailer is pretty much everything fans of the original will want.

Deadpool 2 hits Australian cinemas May 17.


    Hey that chubby kid with firey hands is that chubby kid from the great New Zealand film "Hunt for the Wilderpeople." Which was directed by Thor Ragnarok helmer Taika Waititi. I'm guessing the were fans of the film since they cast him in such a pivatol role. Trailer looks great.

      Ricky Baker ... it’s your birthday ... Ricky Baker.

      Hope he keeps his kiwi accent if the film.

      Last edited 23/03/18 1:34 pm

        Once rejected!
        Now accepted!
        By me and Hector,
        Now we're a trifecta.

        Ricky Baker!

      Agreed. Something of a seal of approval already, no?

    Deadpool is the only good thing to come [partially] from Rob Liefeld.
    I hope the cross him over to the MCU films. It could be done.

      But Liefeld also gave us leg pouches! And knee pads! And bent guns! Truly, a genius of our time.

      I go over this article every year or so and it never fails to split my sides. Or make me irrevocably angry.

        I too do a yearly (or so) visit to that article. There’s an interview somewhere of Liefeld responding to it. He wasn’t stoked.
        I still own all my Youngbloods and X Force comics though. And all his rip off work (like Doom’s 4! A comic that’s totally not a complete rip off of Fantastic Four with a rocky dude named Brick). Apparently I wasn’t as critical when I was 12 and accepted plagiarism in my comic books.

    Looks like a hell of a good time! This trailer has further justified my excitement for part 2 :)

    Disappointed that the trailer has spoilers. I still prefer the award winning marketing from the first like the Bob Ross painting, the cancer health check, and other Tv/youtube spots where we just have deadpool being deadpool reminding you why he is so off the wall funny... rather than spoiling fight scenes and in movie jokes like that.

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