The Latest Ready Player One Trailer Actually Explains The Movie's Plot

The Parzival avatar in Warner Bros.' Ready Player One. Photo: Warner Bros.

Now that the first wave of Ready Player One reviews have confirmed what the earliest trailers for the film suggested - that it's over-reliant on genre culture nostalgia because its story is sorely lacking - the newest trailer is trying something bold: Explaining the plot, instead.

The most recent trailer gave the film a more Steven Spielberg feel, but buried beneath the layers of Ready Player One's visually stunning visuals is a premise that's actually pretty interesting. As part of his will, the creator of the Oasis - the immersive virtual reality system that has effectively taken over the world - promises to give complete control of it to whoever manages to find three Easter egg-like hidden keys. This sets off an arms race between all of the Oasis' players. This includes individuals such as the film's hero, Wade Watts, as well as huge evil organisations, all of whom are hunting for the special keys.

You wouldn't exactly have gotten any of that from any of the other Ready Player One ad spots, so this new one is definitely another marketing improvement, but the point still stands that a compelling tale is something of an afterthought in the film.

Ready Player One hits theatres on March 29.


    Each time gaming culture gets a whiff of mainstream exposure like this, my enthusiasm feels cheapened by it.
    I’m supposed to be part of the target demographic for this film, yet I can’t see my self watching it and get cinematic Mario Bros vibes from the trailers for some reason.

    To be honest I'd still rather see this than that crappy looking Tomb Raider film.

      I will be seeing neither.

        So why are you here then? lol

          To read the article about the new trailer and realise the sorry trailer does nothing to inspire interest my in the film.

            The trailer isn't that bad lol

              It's also subjective lol

                Yea I know it's subjective, but there's a lot worse looking films coming out soon. So if this is your definition of a bad trailer than well I guess you don't see a lot of trailers or films then.

                  There are worse things available which defaults this to be worth my money. Ok?

    I like how you block me from replying @jbp, I guess that how you handle all your civilised discussions huh? lol Pathetic. Also there was no point where I said this film was worth your money, we weren't even discussing that. This is about the quality of the trailer mate.

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