The New South Park DLC Is Short But Good

If you have ever wanted to dress up like a goth kid and eat dozens of sopapillas, South Park: The Fractured But Whole’s new downloadable content is for you.

From Dusk Till Casa Bonita, which came out last week for $12 (~$16, or free with the season pass), adds a new class, a new party member, and a new area to the world of Fractured But Whole. Ride the town’s good old ‘DLC Bus’ to South Park’s trademark Mexican restaurant and you’ll run into the death-defying Mysterion, who asks you to help rescue his sister from a group of kids who dress up like vampires and are having a birthday party.

Mysterion’s sister is acting like one of them, see, and he’s worried that she might have fallen under their spell.

At Casa Bonita, you’ll be able to recruit Henrietta the goth, a useful healer character and South Park’s second playable girl. You’ll also become the Netherborn, a new class with solid area-of-effect attacks and an ultra-powerful Ultimate ability that supercharges you for three turns. And, most importantly, you’ll be able to beat up all the vamp kids.

Finishing the DLC took me around two hours, and I enjoyed playing through it all. There are good fights, semi-challenging puzzles, and a couple of surprising mini-games.

In true South Park style, there’s also a twist of a final boss fight that is simultaneously delightful and asinine. And there are all sorts of random collectibles, loot drops, and new selfies to take.

What’s nice about From Dusk Till Casa Bonita is that it has no filler. Every fight in this DLC feels weighty and meaningful, and the restaurant never wears out its welcome thanks to a large variety of new locations, from the arcade to Black Bart’s Cave.

The vampire kids are fun to squash, the animations are as goofy as ever, and the team at Ubisoft San Francisco even came up with unique lines of dialogue for special conditions, like freezing a vamp. The highlight, by far, is diving off the cliff, which leads to a wonderful scene that I won’t spoil.

If you liked Fractured But Whole, Casa Bonita is worth checking out. It won’t change your mind about South Park’s politics, or the game as a whole—nor does it bring much new to the table—but it’s solid, short, and worth playing.

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