The Overwatch League’s Only Winless Team Boots Its Coach

The Overwatch League’s Only Winless Team Boots Its Coach

Shanghai Dragons, sitting in last place in the Overwatch League at 0-14, just announced that head coach Chen Congshan has “stepped down” from his post and will coach for one more week before getting replaced by assistant Sun Jun Young on an interim basis. We asked the Dragons if Congshan quit or was fired, and if his contract will get paid out in either event, but the franchise hadn’t responded by publication time.

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

Chen Congshan’s coaching style has been controversial. This past January, he got fined for account sharing and for approaching other pro players without getting permission from management. Congshan’s strict practise regimen has also raised eyebrows; Shanghai Dragons’ players reportedly practise from 10:30AM to midnight, only stopping for meals and not leaving time for exercise or leisure.

The gruelling hours don’t appear to have helped Shanghai Dragons improve since the league began. The team went 0-10 in Stage 1, and still have yet to win a single game in Stage 2.

Despite their constant losses, the Dragons have become a fan favourite. When the Dragons took one map against Seoul Dynasty, one of the league’s top teams, fans were shocked but relieved to see OWL’s biggest underdogs improving. The Shanghai Dragons also became the first team to sign a female player in Kim “Geguri” Se-Yeon, winning goodwill among some OWL viewers.

The Dragons are terrible, but by signing splashy free agents and getting rid of their coach, they’re acting like any flailing traditional sports team. If this weren’t the OWL’s first season ever, you can bet the next move would be bringing in their old and beloved stars for appearances and fake consulting jobs.