The Tokyo Olympic Mascots Look Like Pokemon

Image: Tokyo Olympics

Children across Japan voted for the Olympic mascots they liked best. Surprise! The two they picked resemble Pokémon.

That's not just me, as others thought the mascots looked like Pocket Monsters.

The reaction is similar among Japanese Twitter users.

During the presentation announcing the winners, one slide features quotes from the kids that voted. One quote reads, "They're cool because they look like video game characters."


    Ok seriously, there is an absolute ton of subject matter to write about concerning the mascots.
    The voting process, what they stand for, the winning artist Ryo Taniguchi etc

    Over dramatic Twitter posts are shallow end of the article pool, every damn time.

    They should be worrying about having the facilities ready. Because they haven't started.

    Pokemon? They remind me more of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go characters.

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