The Tokyo Olympics Character We All Deserve 

Forget the Pokémon style mascots. The one the Tokyo Olympics needs and wants is a pistol-slinging, fencing foil-wielding centaur.

Now that the 2018 Winter Olympics are over, the focus can shift to the upcoming 2020 games and the odd commercials they will spawn. This one, from instant noodle maker Nissin, celebrates the modern pentathlon with a character named "Pentaurusu-kun".

Check out Pentaurusu's debut spot, via NicoNico News:

According to research data released today, one hundred public school students were asked for their impression of Pentaurusu-kun and 75 per cent said he was creepy. 13 per cent said he was cool, while 12 per cent said he was funny.

Cue the inevitable Pentaurusu-kun fan art.


    I sat with my mouth agape, then he whipped himself and I lost my shit.

    Never change Japan

    Also the centaur swims butterfly. Butterfly.

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