The Tricks Skyrim Hides Behind The Camera

Most people are pretty familiar with that opening Skyrim scene, when Alduin lays waste to Helgen before the player can be executed. When Alduin lands on the tower and starts breathing fire, your perspective is blurred and forced to the ground.

Which, of course, is just a trick Bethesda uses to stop you from seeing what's really going on.

The latest episode of Boundary Break takes Skyrim apart, looking at the secrets and things hidden behind the doors and walls normally locked off to the player. There's plenty of fun parts - there's chests with loot under the in-game world, for some reason.

The Mind of a Madman quest, for instance, has a tiny house located miles away from the camera. It's obviously something that might have been used in the quest by Bethesda at some point, but was later abandoned - and left in the in-game world.

Also, have you ever wondered what the inside of a dog's mouth looks like in a Bethesda game? Hello, half-modelled eyeballs and eye sockets.

For more secrets behind Skyrim's camera, check out the latest Boundary Break episode video below.


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